Friday, October 28, 2011

Starting Something New, Journal Pages

The problem with finishing a work that I have spent a lot of time on is that I feel a bit at loose ends when it is done, and it can be hard to get the brain to focus on what I want to do next. I have of course been working on the drawings in the Journal pages, but I needed to start something new.

Last week I found myself feeling that the technical pens weren't totally doing it for me so I hauled out the crow quill and a bottle of ink. No I am not going to show you the scribbles I made while playing around the pen, but I did enough that I decided I wanted to try something a bit more focused.

My camera while excellent needs a new lens that will let me take close up pictures of birds without being right next to them, unfortunately the budget won't allow that expense right now, but every now and then I get lucky and get a fairly good photograph of a bird. I used one of those of a sparrow feeding to draw the above image. It is still in pencil and needs to be refined a bit, but I think so far so good. Next step will be applying some ink. Wish me luck, I have a feeling I am going to need it.

Below find a couple of Journal Pages:

The one above is from last Saturday. Daniel Webster Sanctuary was having it's annual Farm Day. They have games for the kids, music, some crafting tents (I avoided them) a Hayride and a few farm animals on display. The event was supposed to have happened back in Sept. but that Saturday it poured rain so they cancelled it and rescheduled for Oct. 22. It got a bit cloudy but at least it didn't rain, and it wasn't too chilly so I think it was a success. I did walk the sanctuary but saw few birds, only some Canada Geese in the fields, I think the rest had be frightened off by the noise of people having a good time.

The first drawing is of my usual tree trunk in the pond. The water level was the highest I have seen it. Covering most of the rocks that the turtles like to sun themselves on. There were just a couple of turtles out Saturday, it could be that despite our warm weather some are starting to realize that it is time to hibernate but I really don't know. I only know that I didn't see as many turtles this week as I have in the past.

Next drawing is a bit hard to make out, it is of the tractor pulling the hay wagon with riders around the sanctuary paths. I think I should have been a bit more sketchy with the background.

Last drawing is from a photograph I made of one of the farm animals, this is a kid (young goat) with an itch. I rather liked the photo, but not sure my drawing did it justice.

Next pages are from my Monday visit to North River Sanctuary.

I often visit both Daniel Webster and North River sanctuaries on the same day. They are only a few miles apart in Marshfield, MA. Because I had been to Daniel Webster on Saturday I decided to spend my visit time on Monday at North River. I walked down to the overlook pier and spend some time just sitting and watching the river. The tide was low and still going out so mudflats were exposed. I got to see some shore birds, not sure just what, they were too far for me to identify even with my field glasses, probably Willet's and or Sandpipers feeding in the shallows and on the mud flats. Also saw some Cormorants diving in the river and then sitting on a raft to dry their wings. At one point a mallard duck swam by, he was also busy feeding in the river. It was a fairly mild day so I enjoyed just sitting and watching.

Drawings for Monday are top: a chipmunk that is taking advantage of a free meal in one of the bird feeders at the sanctuary. They mostly have the tubular hanging feeders for the smaller birds, but they also have this larger one that they spread seed in for larger ones. I have also seen squirrels and blue jays feeding there.

The bottom image is of a boat on the river, several passed by while I was sitting. I was able to  photograph this one and though it made a good image for the journal.

Below are a couple of photographs I made on my visits:

Above is a view of the pond at Daniel Webster, notice how high the water level is, and how golden the trees and grasses look. I just like the colors here, the contrast of the golden grasses/leaves with the gray/blue water and sky make I think a beautiful picture.

The above photo was made from the observation pier at North River looking back toward the woods that line the river edge. This is about as good as it gets this year for seeing fall color.

That is it for today. Not very exciting I know, but comments are appreciated anyway.