Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Border Finished, Journal Page and new Figure

It is finished, well, more or less finished, I will be adding more dots over the next several days to even out areas that bother me as I look at it, but I am calling it done.

After transferring the border lines with tracing paper and pencil I outlined the ribbon and then stippled the background with a 3x0 technical pen. Lots of little dots create the grayish background. My nephew asked me how many dots, I told him I have no clue, and I don't, I just know there are a lot of them.

I enjoy designing borders as you may have noticed if you have been following my blog for a while. The mandalas that I designed a couple of years ago were really just a series of borders only circular instead of straight. Anyway above is my most recent border project. Now for the challenge of designing what goes in the middle. I have a couple of ideas and will have to work with both of them to see which I prefer so it may be a while before I actually finish this piece. In the meantime I though you might like to see what I have been working on.

Since I am again home in MA. I was able to visit one of my nature sanctuaries on Monday, below are the pages from that visit.

I went to my normal Monday location, Daniel Webster in Marshfield, MA. The weather during my vacation was obviously warm. I say obviously because all of the ice I saw on my previous visit was melted on Monday. Since today's temp. is well below freezing it will be interesting to see how much ice I see on my next walk.

The top image above shows a couple of European White Birch stumps that are beside the raised walk way in one of the wooded area's of the sanctuary. Apparently someone had lost a cap, and another someone had placed it over the top of one of the stumps waiting for its owner to return and claim it. I couldn't resist using my new Faber Castel Polychrome pencils to add some color to this drawing.

The bottom drawing is of a deer I saw in the Apple Orchard area. A doe who was moving away from me as I approached on the path. She didn't run but she didn't really hang around either. I did sort of manage a couple of photos, but as you can see she was mainly hidden from me by the tall grasses and tree branches. Not the best view, but one I had to make do with.

Below is my Figure Drawing from Monday Night.

It was good to get back to my drawing sessions. Though I am not sure this drawing is totally successful. I fear the almost 2 weeks I spent away didn't help my skills any. Ah well thankfully there is always next week when I hope to do better. In my defense this pose isn't the easiest to draw, slumped body, draped fabric that is never the same twice and a foreshortened leg. This drawing will not be going on my favorites list that is for sure.

Below is a photograph I made Monday at Daniel Webster.

A view of the brown grasses contrasting with some pine trees, distant leafless trees, and a blue sky with a few clouds. A bit bleak, but I also think full of possibilities, with just a hint of a brighter green here and there.

Not a long post today, but per usual comments are welcome.