Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Journal Pages, Chicago, Nature and a figure dwg.

I have managed, in the past couple of days, to finish another page in my Chicago Journal. This one is based on a photograph I made at Logan Airport just prior to my departure, it is the plane at the gate.

Now I have to decide what to draw next. I would like something representing O'hare Airport the other end of my flight. But I had the camera packed away and didn't make any more photographs until the next day while I was in Chicago. Bother, I really would like to have more of a travel narrative here. Well I will just have to do some Google Image searches and see what I can find, hopefully something of the airport or lacking that the Blue Line terminal at the airport.

Above is another page from my Nature Journal. Yesterday I re-visited Daniel Webster in Marshfield to walk and check out the state of things. Sketches are from photos I made. Top shows some European White Birch with Birch polypore fungus growing out of the trunks. The trees are dead, though they still have some branches and are still standing. From what I have read the fungus will so weaken these trunks that a good wind storm will probably knock them over sometime next summer something else for me to pay attention to on my walks.

The bottom image is of a squirrel in the bird feeder area. It was scrounging for seeds around the base of one of the feeders. Something caught its attention and it sat up for just a moment. I caught that moment on camera so made this drawing. The background is a mill stone that they have in the feeder area. Not quite sure why the stone is there, decoration I guess, as far as I know there was no mill on this property.

Below is my figure drawing from last night:

I think I should have shifted position last night. I ended up with another profile view of the model's face and foreshortened leg positions. Not to mention that the couch looks lopsided because of the pile of stuff at one end for the model to lean against. Not the most graceful composition from where I was sitting. But by the time I realized the above I was already too far into the drawing to want to move. Will have to pay more attention to my positioning next week.

Below are a couple of photographs from yesterday's visit to Daniel Webster.

I made a couple of photos of the white birch trees with the fungus, I used the other as my reference for my drawing, but I rather liked this one. Blue sky, white/black trunks and golden/brown grasses, might be an interesting pallet for a painting.

A view of the man made pond with a mostly frozen surface and some Canada Geese taking off. The geese actually run on the ice for their take offs, though I am not entirely sure the photo shows that well.

That is it for today. Per usual comments are welcome, hopefully now that I am back on my regular update schedule I will be able to maintain it.