Friday, January 20, 2012

Red Caps, and a Nature Journal

Red Caps

A short post today, I don't have a lot of images to share. I did finish the pen and ink Zentangle type drawing I started last week. I think it is done, when I finished the inking part I added just a little bit of color to the, hmm well they are sort of mushrooms, but not quite. Anyway I wanted to pull the viewers eye to that section of the drawing so I added some color using watercolor pencils. I have thought about going in and adding more color to other areas but I rather think I won't. I feel doing so would reduce the impact of this current limited use, and I rather like the black and white contrast of the rest of the patterns.

I did get out Wed. to a MA Audubon site, in this case Stony Brook.

I was playing with the new lens, it and I aren't totally getting along. I am not sure if it is me, the lens or the camera but photos aren't as clear as I expected. Could be totally user error and I understand that, so I will keep working on it.

The day was chilly (well comparatively) in the mid 30's, but it was sunny so it was really a lovely day to visit the sanctuary.

Drawings, the top drawing is of a red squirrel on a stone wall. It was leaving the bird feeder area having been scrounging for dropped seeds under the feeder. Stony Brook has mainly red squirrels. They are a bit smaller than our standard grey squirrels, but actually a bit more territorial and feisty. It is my understanding that they will drive the grey squirrels out of what they consider their territory.

Bottom drawing is of a bush out in the pond area that has both seed pods (open) and catkins on the branch. I am sure the catkins erupted during our warm November/December, but they are out now and will stay until spring. What impact that will have on next years growth for the bush I have no clue, but I am trying to document these issue when I see them.

Below is one photo from my visit that I sort of like:

The swans were on the mill pond Wed. one swimming in open water and the other standing on the ice's edge. The surrounding ponds all had even less open water (I believe they are much more shallow) so the swans had made the move to this location.

That is it for today. I have been busy sewing not drawing these past few days, but the project isn't ready to show off. Believe me that when it is I will. In the meantime comments are always welcome.