Friday, February 17, 2012

EDM's 192, 207 plus other works

I have been working on a couple of major projects these past few days, so knowing I wasn't going to have much for today's update I pulled out the EDM list and made a couple of drawings last night. The drawing above is EDM #192 Draw something that floats.

The drawing is of a blown glass float that in a larger size would have been used to keep nets afloat. Mine, which I purchased back when I was in High School, is a smaller decorative version. I keep it in a glass bowl with some marbles, more small floats and some polished stones.

The second drawing above is for EDM #207 Draw a Seashell. I am one of those people who if you put me on a beach will automatically become a beachcomber. I collect seashells, beach glass, and even small rocks or feathers. Not entirely a good thing because I have more shells at home than I really know what to do with, but in this case it meant I didn't have to search very hard to come up with a shell to draw.

I am not sure what kind of shell this is, some sort of sea snail, it is dark brown in spots and has a fairly heavy shell wall. Not really very pretty but it was fun to draw.

The image above is one of the major works I am busy working on. It is a drawing on Stonehenge paper with graphite from a photo I made at Daniel Webster of three Canada Geese. Obviously there is still a lot of work to be done, but I have made some progress

The next image is a spread from my Nature Journal from a visit to Daniel Webster last Monday. The drawing is of a bird house that is out in the woods. The structure is fairly large with a large opening for the bird who will take up residence. I have a feeling it is for owls but I really don't know for sure. I also have no clue if it is occupied. I fear I was bad and walked off the path to make the photo I used as reference for the above drawing. But at this time of year I am sure I wasn't disturbing any of the birds or animals who live there, come spring I wouldn't have strayed.

One last image:

I know the above photo isn't really very good my excuse is that I was inside the observation building watching the birds at the bird feeders and trying to make some reference photographs when I noticed a shadow swooping in and all the small birds scattering. When I looked up from the camera I realized that all of the small birds were gone then I noticed this one sitting on the fence. I didn't dare go outside to photograph it, I knew it would just fly off so I did the best I could from inside.

Obviously it is a hawk, and I believe one of the Accipiters, meaning it is either a Sharp-shinned Hawk,  or a Cooper's Hawk. According to my bird book the two are a bit hard to tell apart, with one having a more squared tail tip. Whichever, I was thrilled to see it, and sort of sorry that it didn't manage to catch its late lunch. But then if it had caught a bird I may not have been able to make any photos so I guess I am not too sorry.

That is it for today. Per usual comments are always welcome.