Saturday, April 14, 2012

Challenges and updates

I am starting the post today with an Everyday Matters Challenge drawing. Number 188: Draw a peanut in the shell or out. I sort of did both, but I didn't do a whole unopened shell, just the 2 halves with the 2 peanuts. one still inside and one outside. I did draw it a bit larger than life sized, and probably should have gone even larger so I could have included more details.

I enjoy peanuts for a snack and peanuts in the shell have a lot more flavor than the ones in cans or jars, though because last years harvest wasn't very good they can sometimes be hard to find.

Another attempt at a strictly pen sketch, no pencil, from another of the WetCanvas Pen and Ink Forum April challenge photographs. Not terribly happy with this one. If I were doing it other than as a challenge I would have laid in some pencil guides, and I think I should have switched to a finer pen tip for the distant landscape. Well this exercise is about learning, and sometimes learning what doesn't work is as important as learning what does work, on Stonehenge paper with my 00X technical pen.

Above is the stipple border piece I have been working on. At this point I am calling the border done and trying to decide what I am going to put in the center. A flower of some sort I think to go with the flowers and leaves in the border design. .

So far I like this piece and am pleased with how it is coming along.

Above is a in-progress scan of the pen and ink I started last week. I have to say it isn't staying a lot like the thumbnail I drew. Doesn't matter of course, the thumbnail was only a guide to get me started. I don't have a title for this so if anyone has a suggestion let me know.

The photograph for today I actually made 2 weeks ago and is of a skunk cabbage flower with emerging leaf.  The name of course has to do with the smell of its crushed leaves, but to be honest I have never really noticed, I don't get that close to them as they tend to grow in soggy ground. The skunk cabbage flower will bloom in March, even if it hasn't been a warm spring. The dark flower will generate enough heat to melt snow so the flower can emerge even if covered. The heat helps it to attract pollinating insects.

That is it for today, per usual comments are always welcome.