Saturday, April 7, 2012

EDM with a Peak in the Sketchbook

First two images today are a couple of fairly quick drawings that I did for challenges posted by Web groups I belong to. The top one is for the Everyday Matters list. I chose number 250: Draw something you got for free.

This little plastic guy showed up in my office area one day (back when I had a day job) and I could never find out who left it so I adopted it and it has lived with me ever since. Since I didn't pay for it, I did get it for free though it wasn't a gift. For those who might not know, it is one of the toys from the grab machine in Toy Story I, well it is a plastic version of an animated image.

Above is another pen and ink drawing done from one of the monthly challenge photographs in the Pen and Ink forum on WetCanvas. The photograph shows the 2 jugs standing in a tiled corner. I am semi pleased with how it came out, but needless to say I can see a lot wrong with it. Things I would have corrected if I had drawn with pencil first. But the point of this exercise is to make me stop and think before I put pen to paper, and so improve my accuracy the first time out of the box. Not sure that it will but I will keep trying for a bit longer and see where this takes me. Drawn with a Micron 01 pen.

The next two images are pages from my sketchbook. I drew squares on a couple of pages and then proceeded to draw quick sketches in each square. No particular goal in mind other than I wanted to start one of my abstract type drawings and didn't know how to start. So I started here with realism. A couple are sketches of reference photographs, a couple out of imagination. The images become more abstract as I worked down the page. I filled this page and then moved onto the next where I drew the sketch below.

I liked this one and felt it had possibilities esp. with several of the shapes so I pulled out a sheet of Stonehenge and started to lay in some pencil guidelines.

Above is where I have gotten so far with this. It isn't going to look exactly like the thumbnail but that is OK with me, I find the thumbnail a bit busy really. I am doing the ink drawing with the 00X Rapidograph pen.

Not a lot of progress because I am spending most of my time with the stipple border I posted in my last update. That one is coming along nicely and I will post another update next week.

One last image, a photograph I made this week of some Andromeda in bloom in my local city park. This is one bush that is blooming pretty much on schedule, but then Andromeda is the earliest of the flowering shrubs to bloom in my area, the flowers will last for a while, and they are cold hardy so a late frost won't hurt them.

That is it for today, per usual comments are always welcome.