Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Turkey, a Pastel and EDM's

The above drawing is an experiment for me. I received a box of pastels for Christmas in 2010, and have been hauling them with me to my Monday night figure drawing sessions meaning to bring them out and use them to try a different technique to draw the model. Then I end up hauling out my pencils and before I know it, it is the end of the session and time to go home with my not being any closer to using the pastels. I think the real reality is that I haven't quite had the courage to try.

Anyway I had this photo of the pine cones on the pitch pine that I made at Ellisville Harbor, and decided it was time for me to see if I could do something with the pastels. Not sure how I feel about this, not bad, but not wonderful. I think I need more practice. Oh the yellow/orange area above the pine cones is the tree putting out its spikes for next years cones, the color has scanned more orange than the actual drawing is. I have seen this problem before with colored pencils, must be something about the pigments used for yellow that make the scans not correct. A photograph might have been better, but I am feeling a bit lazy so this is what you get.

I do think I would have been happier with the results if I had used the smoother side of the paper. The paper is Cranson's Mi-Teintes paper, and has one side that is smoother than the other. Now I just have to look through my photos and see if I can find another subject, maybe one of my spring flower photos.

Above is my Nature Journal pages from my visit Monday to Daniel Webster. It was an overcast day with rain arriving later in the evening, but thankfully not while I was walking in the Sanctuary. It wasn't a good day for observations (too hazy), though I did see the Osprey sitting on its nest stand, the blue bird hunting, and the male Bobolinks courting. In fact I saw one male chasing another. I did not see the Catbirds this week, apparently they are back to being their normal shy selves.

Top drawing is of a Turkey (female I think) that was visiting the bird feeder area as I was leaving the sanctuary. She was looking for dropped seeds, and probably finding some, some of the birds who feed are very messy eaters. I can't convey in my drawing the sheen of her feathers which is quite lovely. They don't have very pretty heads or necks but the back feathers are gorgeous.

The bottom image is my usual tree stump in the pond. I draw it so often because it is a good way to indicate the ups and downs of the water level in the pond. This Monday the water level was back up, highest I have seen it for weeks and water even recovered rocks that had been sunning spots for the painted turtles. There were 5 turtles out on the this stump when I was making the photograph.

I am so behind with the Every Day in May Challenge. I have been pretty much drawing everyday, but some of the subjects in the Challenge weren't very doable for me on that particular day so.... I am behind.

Above are a couple of my catch up drawings that I made yesterday while I was out doing some laundry. Top is the "Store in my Neighborhood". Actually it isn't in my neighborhood at all, but it was next to place where I did my laundry so I used it. a complicated structure that was a bit of a challenge to draw. Not sure how well I did, esp with the window lines.

Bottom drawing is of 2 of the lights in the parking lot of the strip mall I was in. I thought about doing the street light outside of my apt, but I had time on my hands yesterday so drew these.

Two photographs from Monday's visit to Daniel Webster. What a difference a couple of weeks makes to the size of the Canada Geese young. These two are getting quite large and have totally lost the yellow fluff they were born with.

I actually saw 4 pairs of geese with young on Monday. Though each pair only had 2 goslings left out of their brood. I like this photo because the sitting one in the front seems to be talking to its nest mate. The adults were eyeing me, and a couple even hissed at me in warning as I walked by.

The above photo is a bit misleading as the flowers are only about a half inch long. This is Narrow Leaved Vetch, and is found among the grasses in the fields at Daniel Webster.

That is it for today. I need to work on another pen and ink sketch, but didn't get it done for today's Blog update. For my US readers I want to wish you a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day Weekend. Per usual comments are always welcome.