Wednesday, September 19, 2012

One down more to go

One down, meaning I have finished one of the 3 drawings I was working on last week. Above is the finished drawing of the Green Heron standing on a rock at the south end of the Panne at Daniel Webster. The background doesn't look like water because it was covered with duck weed at the time and in the photo actually looks green not blue or grey.

Not sure how the heron could see anything to eat through the duck weed but it manage to catch some thing so the problem is probably my perspective. They are such hansom birds, and I am quite pleased with how this drawing came out.

I have two Nature Journal spreads today, as I am catching up with my drawings in the journal and need to get them posted. Both pages are from August and both were for visits to Daniel Webster.

The above page is for a visit I made on August 20th. Saw a frog in the pond, so tried to draw it for the top image, not totally satisfied with it, but it will have to do. The plant on the lower left is Motherwort, it was in bloom out at Fox Hill, and I find it an interesting plant to look at. The plant is a member of the mint family and was brought over from Europe thought it actually originated in Asia. The plant is another of those that were used by early settlers for medicinal purposes. The final drawing (lower right) is the tree stump with attendant turtle. I have to say the south end of the Panne doesn't have as many turtles hanging out now as there were in the spring, not sure why, I usually see more turtles at the northern end of Panne.

The images above were for a visit on August 27th, thus wrapping up my August visits. Top image is of a Northern Mocking bird sitting on a bench that is placed on the path heading toward the South Blind. The bench has a view of the natural pond, and I suppose would be a nice place to sit, if the mosquitoes aren't too bad and the weather nice. Bottom image is again the tree stump in the Panne, again with just one turtle hauled out.

Another figure drawing:

The above figure drawing was made a week ago Monday, so I am almost caught up with posting these. I rather like how this one came out. The face sort of looks like the model and I like the way the legs/feet are rendered. She had a pillow behind her back so was really supported in the chair.

Two photographs today, the one above was made in August when I was visiting the Long Pasture Sanctuary on Cape Cod. Image is of goldenrod blooming in a field with trees behind.

This little guy is a bit out of sequence as I actually made this photograph on Monday at Daniel Webster it is of a Bush Katydid, though the exact species is a bit up for debate, it is either a Split tailed Bush Katydid, or a Treetop Bush Katydid. Without the actual insect it is a bit hard to tell for sure. Since I don't capture the insects I find I will just have to wonder. Such a lovely green (probably female) bug, not so little actually, about 2 inches long sitting on a milk weed leaf.

I have found a wonderful site for ID'ing insects, BugGuide.Net  OK, I know insects aren't everyone's thing, but I find some of them beautiful and many fascinating. I admit mostly when they are outside and not on me, but under those conditions they can really draw my attention.

That is it for today, per usual comments are welcome.