Sunday, September 16, 2012

Pen and Ink works

 Above is a scan of my third in-process work. This one is pen and ink instead of pencil. The real deal, I am using a crow quill pen and bottle of India ink. I did cheat, well some people consider it cheating, by doing a pencil under drawing before I started inking. Outlines for placement of posts, the canal and shores, and in more detail the bridge and its structure. I did lighten the drawing quite a bit before I started the ink work.

The view is of the Cap Cod Canal and the Sagamore Bridge, which is the northern bridge of the 2 vehicle bridges over the canal. Built in the 1930's when the Army Corp of Engineers widened the canal it is still a popular way to cut off miles of travel from NYC, Providence and other points south to Boston. Though mostly now a days what you see on the canal is small non-commercial traffic. The canal is no longer deep enough for the really big ships.

I have more work on the far shore to do, also the water in the canal and the grass area in front of the fence still needs work. I need to darken some areas to the right to offset the mass of dark on the left. I sketched this view this past summer and wanted to see if I could render it in pen and ink.

Another catch up Nature Journal page, this spread is from a visit to Daniel Webster back on August 13th. I use ink for these but either technical pens or Microns, both quicker to use than the dip pens.

The top left drawing is of the bird house near the South blind with a male cardinal and one of his just fledged young sitting on it. Daddy was bringing insects to the young bird who while able to fly didn't seem totally ready to be out on its own. I have to think that dad wasn't going to cater to this young one all that much longer but it was fun to watch and listen. Daddy was the male cardinals bright red, and the youngster was more of a redish brown, so I don't know if it was a male or a female. They spent a while on this bird house then the young one few off into some nearby bushes and dad followed it there.

Upper right drawing is of the family of mallards I have been watching this summer, they were swimming all in a row next to the tree stump in the Pond.

The last image is that self same tree stump showing a slightly higher water level that week, and one turtle that was resting in the sun.

The above figure drawing is from September 3rd session. I am not at all happy with it. I am not pleased with the models face, doesn't look at all like her, and usually I catch more of a likeness. I also think her head may be a bit too large and the leg that is on the floor isn't done as well as I would like. All together I think I was having an off week. We all have them, but I find them frustrating when I do. For some reason I think I should be exempt, which is silly, even the painters who have been at this for years have off weeks. Just have to put this drawing aside and go on to the next one.

Look closely at the above photo and you will see the American Painted Lady who is sitting on the black eyed susan. The colors almost match so the butterfly blends in. For those who might have visited my flickr account you have seen this image before, but I thought I would post it here for those who haven't visited there. Photograph was made at Oak Knoll in Attleboro, MA.  There were actually about a dozen painted ladies flying around the butterfly bushes in the garden that day, so I had a good time photographing butterflies.

Above is a photograph made at Stony Brook, another MA Audubon site that is in Norfolk, MA, fluffy clouds, blue sky, blue water and green trees, just a pretty picture. One tree in the distance is just starting to turn yellow. Photograph was made late-August so that tree was changing very early, not quite sure why, as while we have been a bit dry I wouldn't say we have been in drought conditions, for some reason that tree must be stressed.

That is it for today, per usual comments are always welcome.