Tuesday, October 30, 2012

After the Storm, Rabbit Finished

A very short update today. I have actually been very busy working on my drawings but the rabbit drawing above took hours more than I usually spend on a drawing. I blame it on the grass which may not look it but requires hours of layering graphite, some erasure, and then going back in with more graphite to achieve both the darkness necessary to show the rabbit off, and to give the grass texture that looks semi realistic.

This process involves staring at the work, staring at the reference, and then working on the drawing, followed by more staring, repeating the cycle I have no clue how many times, but lots. Finally reached a point where I both thought it looked good enough, and was too tired of it to want to work on it further so called  it quits.

The other distraction in my life was Hurricane Sandy. I hate Hurricanes, so much destruction, and I get a bit tense listening to the wind and rain so that I find them exhausting even if I am not doing anything and even if I come through the storm with no problems.

I am fine where I am (inland) and actually only had the power flicker a couple of times during the day. I am feeling sorry for others here on the East Coast who received damage from this storm. I am sure recovery for many is going to take much longer than everyone would like. It was so odd last night to look out a window to see the full moon shining down after a day of strong winds and rain. Even with the wind and rain the bird feeder received some visitors, sparrows and at least one Downy Woodpecker.

Needless to say we didn't have our Studio session last night. It has been postponed until Wednesday, so I should have a figure drawing later this week.

No Nature Journal page today either, I have been out to Daniel Webster and other Sanctuaries but was too busy with rabbit to work on my drawings.

I did managed to work on this bookmark, ink with colored pencil on Stonehenge paper. It is covered with contact paper and I will add a tassel to it before I call it done. Sort of imaginary flowers but loosely based on some real ones.

I also spent some time on the stipple piece, but need to put in a few more hours on that one before it looks like I have been working on it, maybe my next update.

I am too far from the coast to be able to make dramatic shore/wave photographs so I am showing here another of my fall color photographs. Obviously made last week before the storm when we had a lovely sunny day. This photograph was made a Borderland State Park.

That is it for today. Per usual comments are always welcome.