Monday, October 22, 2012

Nature Journal and Fall

Not much to show today. I have been working on the new stipple piece but so far it doesn't really look like it. I am working on the background and the piece is large enough that even several hours of work don't show much of an impact visually. Maybe next update I will give you a peak at progress.

As a break from all the stipple work I wanted to do something a bit more straight forward so above is the start of my newest animal drawing. This is obviously a rabbit, from a photograph I made at Daniel Webster last summer when there was a young rabbit brave enough to feed in the grass next to the parking area during the afternoon. Since Daniel Webster is the home of many raptors/predators I am not sure how this brave (or stupid) bunny made out in the long run.

Above is a page from my nature journal for a visit to Daniel Webster a week ago Saturday, October 13. A break from my usual routine as I thought the sanctuary was going to be having its Farm Day. However I was off by a week (it was actually held last Saturday the 20th).

Actually it was a good visit where I saw either 2 or 3 Great Blue Herons in the Panne. I know there were at least 2 since they were both there at the same time. But shortly after they left either one came back or a new bird arrived. That one seemed to be panting, keeping its beak open while it was standing on an island. It didn't stay long and didn't do any hunting on the stop, the day wasn't that hot so I am not sure what was going on with that bird. Hope it was alright. Anyway I know I wouldn't have seen them if the activities of Farm Day had been going on, too noisy.

Back to the drawings the top drawing is my tree stump, showing water levels just a bit higher. We  have been having quite a bit of rain but it seems to be soaking into the ground, so even though I expect the water level in the Panne to be higher than it actually is the good news is that there is enough rain to keep it from dropping. Bottom image is one of the Great Blue Herons, this one took the time to try and find a bite to eat, the other two sightings were just of birds resting, but no feeding behavior  My guess is these guys were migrating south and had just stopped at Daniel Webster for a break.

Above is a not so wonderful photograph of two of the herons taking off from the Panne.  Very cool to see, though the photo isn't the best. There are also some Canada Geese and ducks in the water.

This photograph is of fall leaves at Moose Hill. Last Monday instead of going back to Daniel Webster I went out to Moose Hill and had a long walk. Above is one of the many photographs I made on that walk. It shows a field with maples turning colors. It was a beautiful day but not always as sunny as I would have liked.

That is it for today. Not a lot to show, but comments are always welcome.