Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Catchup Figure Drawings and a bookmark

I am showing the bookmark first but really this update is all about figure drawings. I was doing so little other drawing in the run up to Christmas (see the post last week about bags for what I was busy doing) that I neglected the blog for other activities. So even though I was still attending my weekly life model sessions and doing the work I wasn't posting the results. Since it is now January 2013 I feel like I need to clear the decks by posting all the work finished last year. 

So above is a bookmark that I drew and colored last year but didn't get the tassel made until this past week or so. I was trying a slightly different method of attaching the tassel, which I think I prefer to the way I was doing it, though the results pretty much look the same. Anyway I used pen and ink on Stonehenge paper and colored the finished drawing by using Inktense pencils a brush and a bit of water. 

On January 1st I participated in a short pose life model session. The drawings above and the one below are a couple of samples of the drawings I made during that session. The above poses were probably around 2 minute poses, the one below was more like 10 minutes. Not quite enough time for a fully realized drawing, but time enough to get the gesture and hopefully some of the energy of the pose.

I went through a lot of paper, and while some of the drawings work for me, there were more that I am not so pleased with. My excuse is that I haven't done any short pose drawings for a couple of years. My other excuse is that I don't often get the chance to draw a male. Males are less inclined to participate in long pose sessions and I don't have access outside of the studio.

The next three drawings are long pose studies from the Monday night sessions I attended last year. I am mostly pleased with these drawings and will just let them stand by themselves, not to say that they don't have issues, they do, but for the most part I feel I actually captured the features of the models which makes me happy. Course you will just have to take my word for it that the drawings look like the models as I don't have any photographs of he models.

One last image a photograph I made last week in my local park. It snowed the last Saturday in December and it had stayed cold enough after that for the snow to still be on the ground when I took a walk around the park. It had been cold enough that the ponds/lakes were mostly frozen over with just a few open spots for the ducks, geese and swans to still swim and feed.

That is it for today. Per usual comments are welcome.