Friday, January 18, 2013

Pears and Bread

First up images of pears that I drew last night. The top scan drawings were done with graphite, I think it was my 2H lead, rather hard so I didn't get very dark darks but I didn't feel like playing with softer leads so they are what they are. All drawings are of the same Bosc Pear just in different positions.

Below is the same pear this time drawn with a technical pen. I used a bit of cross hatch for the shading of the curves. Two different looks, I am not sure which I prefer.

The next two images are more development work for my cookbook illustrations. I was working on ideas for the Breads section, started with a loaf of fresh baked bread, and a couple of muffins.

The above drawings were done in my sketchbook using a technical pen. The top two reproduce the drawing I started in Illustrator, the lower image is my imagining a different set of images for the drawing. Need to do some more of that. So far I have just gone with my first idea, which I learned in my graphic design classes is often not the best one. I won't be sure until I push to develop other concepts which one ultimately works the best.

The image above is from my Adobe Illustrator drawing. Not sure I am pleased with it, I think the blue needs more work, maybe widen the lines and perhaps darken the color so the changes are a bit more subtle.

As a total change of focus my figure drawing from Monday nights session. a new model for us, in a pose that looks like it should be easy to draw. Actually she held the pose very well except for her head position which tended to drift a bit. Only semi pleased with this, I feel I didn't get all the relationships correct, and looking at it now the head seems a bit small. When I was drawing it seemed too large, ah well hopefully I will do better this coming week.

Last a image of a downy woodpecker feeding at my wire feeder. I don't get a huge variety of birds at the feeder, the downy's, a nuthatch or two, starlings and sparrows. If there are others I haven't seen them. What I find a bit odd is that a downy will perch on the feeder and just hang there, not eating, but not really looking around either. Not sure what it is doing, sometimes after sitting a bit it will fly away, other times it will start feeding again. I did see a blue jay the other day, but it wasn't at the feeder.