Monday, January 14, 2013

Veggies on my Mind

Not the best drawings, sketches actually, and I need to do a lot more as these are really just concept sketches.

I guess I need to back up a bit here. A couple of years ago I started a project to create a cook book of family recipes. I have mostly finished setting up the recipes in In-Design, though I just realized I need to go back in and make the different sections the same number of pages, 28 pages to be exact as that is the number of pages you need to create an easily printed booklet. I learned that when I was making the calendars. Ah well better now than when I actually go to do the print job. Anyway I have been thinking my book/booklet needs illustrations. So over this weekend I started to sketch out some ideas. The top one above will be for soups. The next on down for vegetables.

With the thought of vegetables I decided I needed to do some practice drawings. I have not been doing my daily drawings and I am not happy about that so decided that yesterday was a good day to start back into the practice. I pulled an onion out of the frig. and sketched it in various positions, first with pencil then with pen and then with colored pencil.

Above are my colored pencil efforts. Top is the onion, not wonderful but I think it has the feel of an onion, the lower drawing is a sweet potato. I like to eat them so had one in the frig to use as a model. Again not wonderful but I think it looks like a sweet potato.

I have also been downloading some reference images to use for my drawings. Haven't quite decided on a style for them, but I don't think I want to go hyper realistic with these.

Above is my first long pose drawing of 2013 and done last Monday night. The hints of color that you are seeing were provided by my using one of my Christmas presents, Derwent Graphtint pencils. I used a wet brush after I got home to bring out the color and make it looked like it had been washed.  Not sure how I like the effect, I think I need to play with them a bit more.

Above is a Photograph I made of the Moon back in December. I was walking in my local park and couldn't resist the sight. The sun was starting to set as you can see by the pinkish clouds.

That is it for today. Per usual comments are welcome.