Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Morning Dove and flowers

I did it, I finally finished the drawing of the Morning Dove that I started last year. They are slightly odd looking birds, sort of pear shaped, with small heads and round bodies. I usually see groups of them around the feeders at Daniel Webster. This one was sitting on a dead branch in the panne where I photographed it last summer. I wouldn't consider them very bright birds, but they are very alert and startle easily flying off at the least little thing.

Drawing was done on Stonehenge paper with graphite, size is 6.5 x 8 inches. The water had a lot of floating algae last summer which is why it looks a bit spotty. So I now have 7 of these done and need to select my next animal and get started on a new drawing. I want to get at least 12 done so I can put together a calender for next year using them.

I was doodling the other evening and came up with a design for flowers that I then carried over to this drawing. I added some ink and colored pencil to achieve the final look that you see. I didn't spend a lot of time on it so the colored pencil isn't very evenly laid down. Still I kind of like it and I may do an ATC card with this style of flower, not real of course but very fun to draw.

I liked the doodle I was working on also, and ended up enlarging it so I could transfer it to better paper for a more finished drawing. That one I am still working on and will hopefully have an in progress image of that one later in the week.

Above is more playing around with ideas for my cookbook images. This one would be for the dinner or soup section.

During my walk in the Bluehills the other day I saw a downed white pine tree. It was a fairly old/large tree and I took some time to photograph the broken stump. I just find the colors/textures of this to be quite interesting.

When my sister and I were visiting the Chicago Art Institute there was a room that had a replica of a fallen tree in it. The tree replica was over 20 feet long and the truck of the tree was very much larger (many feet larger) than this example, but I think I was thinking of that tree when I photographed this one.

That is it for today. Hope everyone is having a good week, and per usual comments are welcome.