Friday, April 26, 2013

Cats, Figures and more Spring Photographs

I have come to the conclusion that cats are hard to draw and I really need to have a lot more practice drawing them. Above is my most recent cat drawing and is the reason for my reaffirmed conclusion. This drawing took way longer to do than I expected. Still I am not displeased with the results but would have been happier if I hadn't had to work so hard at it.

The drawing is based on a photograph I made the other day of a neighbors cat in the front yard of the building where I live. I used it as reference because for once I had a photograph that showed a cat in motion instead of the sphinx like poses one usually catches them in. Obviously I was being given the hairy eyeball by a cat that wasn't too sure it wanted to be in my vicinity actually the cat took off almost immediately after I made the photo.

This week I was back at the short pose session instead of the long pose one. I have six images that I pulled out of the pack to show. The three above were quick poses, 2 or 3 minutes. and were are warm up poses. I rather like the last one on the right though it just shows her back, and a bit of an arm and leg.

Above are three more drawings from the session, times are marked on the pages, upper left 5 minutes, upper right 10 minutes and the bottom one was a 15 minute pose. To challenge myself I decided to try one drawing with a flair type pen instead of the fine tip pen or the 4B pencil which I usually use. You will note that that drawing isn't here, in fact I no longer even have it, it was one of those that I immediately tossed in the trash, ugh, pretty bad. I know that I need to spend more time using that kind of pen in order to feel comfortable with it, maybe in a couple of weeks I will give it another try.

Now for some more of my spring photographs. Above was made at Houghton's Pond in Milton, MA. and shows a hillside planted with daffodils with the pond behind. The number of daffodils is starting really make a show in this spot. It is probably time for someone to come in and split up the clumps but since I don't know who was responsible for the initial plantings I don't know who if anyone would be responsible for splitting them up. Sure looked pretty though.

Yesterday I took a trip over to Borderland State Park in Easton, MA. Above is a photo of the main house and a really old weeping cherry in full bloom. Beautiful, and boy was it buzzing with bumblebees, big queens who probably have just emerged into the spring looking for pollen and nectar to get this years hive started.

The trout lilies are just starting to bloom, I expect more will be in bloom over the weekend. This is about the best photograph I have made of this early spring wild flower, they are really small flowers and the stem with the flower head is only about 6 inches long so they aren't the easiest flower to photograph. Not sure how many years I have been attempting to make a photograph that does them justice. Of course I don't plan on stopping any time soon, as I always have the feeling it could be just a bit better.

That is it for today, hope everyone is enjoying some great spring weather, except of course for those south of the equator where you are slipping into fall. Per usual comments are always welcome.