Saturday, June 29, 2013

Figures and More Figures

The beginning of June was wet with a few lovely days tossed into the mix. Then it got hot and any desire to draw sort of evaporated along with my sweat. These past couple of days have been mostly cloudy with thunderstorms. The good news is that with the clouds it doesn't get too hot. However rain tends to discourage butterflies and the wet isn't good for cameras so I don't get out on my walks even though it is almost cool enough for them. Oh well, I just have to deal with the weather as I can't change it.

Since yesterday was fairly cool I was finally motivated last night to draw the above sketch. It is based on a photograph I made last summer of a young girl feeding the ducks at Trailside Museum in the Blue Hills Reservation. As I recall this duck actually took food out of her hand. I rather like the composition. The duck was the trickiest part of this drawing as the girl's face isn't in view.

I have been working on the colored pencil piece and have it at a point where I have to decide how to treat the background, as I feel there should be one. Maybe I will have it ready for my next update, we will see.

The rest of the drawings today are all from my figure sessions. I am so behind with posting them as even if I haven't been doing other drawings I am still getting out to one figure session a week.

The drawings above are 2 minute poses from the middle of May.

Above the same Model just longer poses, one 5 minute and one 10 minute.

Also from a May the above drawing was done at a long pose session. The model had a plastic garland over her shoulder which added complexity to the drawing. I am fairly pleased with it except for the one hand which looks too stiff. Ah well hands are tricky.

More drawings from a short pose session this one in the beginning of June. Above are the some short 2 minute poses.

More drawings from that June session, these were 5 minute poses though I think the last one was a 10 minute pose.

I was out and about earlier in June trying to photograph more butterflies, my best photo is of the Tiger Tail Swallowtail in the above photograph. Made at Oak Knoll in Attleboro, MA. I wasn't seeing many butterflies that day until this guy flew past. It didn't stay long, only long enough for 2 photographs, but since it came out I can't complain.

One last photograph

With all the rain we have been having the River that runs through Daniel Webster in Marshfield, MA is over its banks creating a marshy area. On this visit this Egret was busy fishing. They are a bit shy so it wouldn't let me get too close, though it didn't want to leave the area either so it just moved around keeping its distance; fishing must of been good that day.

That is it for today, I have more drawings from my figure sessions that need to be posted so hopefully it will stay cool enough for me to feel like doing more drawings. For those here in the US have a great 4th of July. Per usual comments are appreciated.