Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Autumn has Arrived

Now that the weather is cooler I seem to be more in the mood to draw. I started this little guy earlier this summer and just lost interest. In the past week or two I have been getting back to a couple of these unfinished drawings and spending some time on them to if not exactly "polish" them up at least bring them to a level of completion I am happy with.

Above is a sparrow I photographed earlier this summer at the Trailside Museum in the Blue Hills in Milton, MA. While I am thinking about doing a more finished drawing of this little guy I am not totally displeased with how this one looks.


Above are more of my Christmas tag designs that I have been working on in Illustrator. The top one is relatively simple but I rather like the bow on the post. to me at least it looks like Christmas. The poinsettia tag below is a slightly modified version of what I had in my last post. I changed the size and position of one of the flowers in this three flower cluster and think I am happier with this version.


More short pose figure drawings from July, I am trying to play catch up so am posting 2 weeks worth this week. Above top are some 2 minute poses then in the 2nd panel some 5 to 10 minute poses of the same model.

A second set from another week in July. Again 2 minute poses in the top panel and longer poses in the lower one. Obviously quality varies, and for this session I think I prefer the short pose drawings, I think they have more energy if less detail.

With fall comes the fall asters and various types of goldenrod. Above is a combined photo of the two flowers. Photographed last week at the Trailside Museum in Milton MA.

Above is a Pickerel frog that I was lucky enough to find and photograph at Houghton's Pond in the Great Blue Hills Reservation. These guys aren't as green as the green frogs I have previously photographed, more copper and brown than green. Still they are 2nd most common frog here in MA so it was fun to actually get a photograph. Green frogs are our most common species.

That is it for today, per usual comments are welcome.