Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fall Color and some figure drawings

I decided over the weekend that I should make some more bookmarks. They are small so fairly quick to do, though the long narrow shape is a bit of a challenge design wise still they can be fun and I was looking for some fun. So above is an almost done bookmark. Pen and ink with color added with watercolor pencils and a wet brush. Not totally realistic flowers, but fun never the less. I still need to add the tassel to this but the art work part is done.

As promised last week this week I am finishing off my catch up figure postings with drawings from 2 male sessions. The above session was back in August and technically should have been posted last week. But last week I blew it and uploaded a different session. Ah well, this young man was obviously slender of build, I had a particularly hard time with the short 2 minute poses, the only ones I liked were those of him in a sitting or squatting pose. I managed a bit better with the longer 5 minute poses.

This session was from October 1st. This model is older, more experienced and tends to take more active/dynamic poses which can be a challenge to draw. I think we are all exhausted after an evening drawing his poses.

A couple of photographs this week. We have had some sunny days so I have been out with the camera. The above photograph was made at a park in Hanover, MA. Cattails going to seed. I posted this image on flickr and someone commented that it looked like a furry little animal of some kind. Obviously it wasn't a very windy day or I would never have gotten the photograph.

The trees in my neighborhood are changing colors. One day last week I took the camera out with me on a walk, this is one of the photographs I made, look at those reds against a blue sky. Fall colors never seem quite real in photographs, and mostly they aren't really a vibrant in photographs as they are in real life. Love the reds and yellows that the maple leaves turn this time of year.

That is it for today, per usual comments are welcome.