Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Images from last Summer

Above is a drawing done from another photograph I made this summer at the Trailside Museum in Milton, MA. Subject this time was one of the many chipmunks that live on the museum grounds. They have duck food available for purchase to use to feed the ducks, but of course the chipmunks and sparrows are often fellow recipients of the hand outs. Sometimes I wonder if they don't get more of the food than the ducks do, greedy little guys that they are.

More than just a sketch but not a really serious study I was challenging myself to see if I could manage the subject. I really like this photo and may use it for a more serious drawing at some point. I find it is usually easier to draw more accurately the second time around.

More figure drawings from short pose sessions in July, top grouping was about 2 minute poses, 2nd (lower) grouping was 5 to 10 minute poses.

For some reason I don't seem to have any of the really short pose images from this session, the above grouping would have been 5 to 10 minute poses. These are the last of the July sessions, I have a couple of sessions from August to share then I need to select images from the Sept. sessions and get them photographed for the blog.

Last week I made a trip back to Daniel Webster in Marshfield, MA. The 2 photographs today are from that visit. Above is a cabbage white butterfly on a New England Aster. Though these are very common butterflies they can be a bit tricky to photograph as they are very sensitive to movement and often fly away before I can focus the camera on them.

Last image shows how the white birch tree leaves are changing to yellow with some yellow goldenrod in the foreground. The sky was very blue on that last visit and makes a great back drop for the greens and yellows.

That is it for today. Hope everyone is enjoying some pleasant days outside before winter sets in.