Monday, January 27, 2014

Flowers, Pots, more Still Life's

Just noticed that all of  my images today are various forms of pen and ink work. These first two are from the WetCanvas Pen and Ink forum's monthly project photos. The African Daisy's above are from a January selection and the pots below are from a photograph posted last fall.

Both were done with my technical pens, 3 different sizes for the daisy's (quicker to stipple the background using a larger tip). Daisy's are on Stonehenge paper and done with mostly stipple. The pots were just done in my notebook as a quick study. I was actually a bit surprise by how well the pots came out as I didn't do any preliminary pencil work on this drawing, guess all the drawings I have been doing are paying off. I admit that I did do some pencil work for the daisy's.

The next 2 images are drawings of objects in my Apt.

This first pen sketch is from the other day and shows one of my cups holding various art tools, pencils, brushes, and pens. When I am working on a colored pencil drawing I use this cup to keep the pencils selected for the drawing separate from the hoard. Makes it easier to keep track of the actual colors I am using to have them at hand. I have also started to keep my clutch pencils in this holder.

This is really a very small vase, only about 4 inches high. I started out drawing it as a pencil drawing and decided to add ink. The objects stuck into the vase are mostly dried berries, and thinking about I don't think I have them sized correctly.  May try this subject again on another day.

A photograph from a walk last week. It was made after our most recent snow fall, which really didn't amount to all that much (only about 6 inches). There is a stream that semi winds through the center of town and now has a couple of parks adjacent to it. Between the snow and the rain we have been having since Christmas the stream is running pretty high.

That is it for today, per usual comments are welcome.