Wednesday, March 5, 2014

More from the Laundry-mat and other

I have finished reading Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. Did I learn anything, well yes and no. I already knew how to draw negative space, and did most of the drawing exercises she gives when I took Drawing I, but hadn't realized prior to reading this book that when I am in drawing mode I don't think names of things and the reason why we mostly don't chat at the live sessions is because everyone is in R brain mode and language isn't available.

Also learned a proportion for ear placement with a side view portrait that I don't remember being told before. Not sure how useful that will be but hey one never knows. Also picked up that nostrils are mostly in line with the inside of eyes, don't think I knew that one before either.

I have started to read a book on Constable, we will see how that goes. He is known for his landscapes both watercolor and oil so I am hoping for some tips.

Above is a rather quick colored pencil sketch/drawing that lets me think spring, as the weather certainly hasn't been at all spring like where I am. Thankfully we didn't get hit with the last snow storm but it has been cold, below (well below at night) 32 degrees F for the most part.

This is from a photograph I made last spring at Borderland State Park and is a window with reflected daffodils, inside were some blooming geraniums. The drawing is rather impressionistic partly because I didn't want to spend the time trying to get photo-realistic and partly because the reflected flowers were already impressionistic.

Anther still life pen and ink drawing from the WetCanvas Pen and Ink Forum monthly challenge. This time tomatoes and peppers in a basket. I didn't spend a lot of time on the basket, just didn't have the desire to spend the time on it to get it really right. Not good I suppose but at least I am getting more art work done this week than I managed last week.

Done in my sketchbook with technical Pens, I used the 00 and the 3x0.

Ah yes laundry, that never ending chore. Was at the Laundry-mat on Monday washing some clothes, thankfully it was a bit more populated than the last time I was there. I tried drawing some faces with limited success but did manage to make this drawing of an older woman sitting on one the chairs waiting for a machine to finish. Since I haven't been getting out to my weekly figure drawing sessions I figured I had better start finding another way to practice the figure.

Not totally displeased with this, keep in mind I was trying to draw her without her realizing it. Drawn in a small sketchbook with a Micron pen.

Walking home last night from a visit to the Library I made this photograph of an almost setting sun. I really wanted to capture the look of the sun a bit earlier when it was round ball of light covered with clouds, but the camera didn't capture that image very well so I selected this one instead. I do like the light effects here so I guess it isn't too bad.

That is it for today, per usual comments are welcome.