Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Mostly Pen and Ink Sketches

Nothing major to post on the blog today. I am busy working on a couple of things but I have realized that I don't like showing works in progress, esp. when they are getting close to completion. I think doing so ruins the impact of the final reveal. I don't mind posting initial drawings that will become a finished work, or even drawings that are actually studies/preliminary sketches. But not intermediate images of works, unless I do it all in one post like I did with the collage I made earlier this year.

It isn't that there is some mystery about how I create a drawing/painting, it is just that when I get down to the final stages the additions/changes can be pretty subtle. I know, but I am not sure most viewers would, or would even care.

My art related reading this week is, I don't want to say boring, but not something I want to blog about either. I picked up another book at the Library "American Artist Guide to Painting Techniques" and while I am finding it of interest it is pretty technical and most of it is going over ground I already know a bit about or have no interest in knowing (oil painting techniques)

Anyway the above pen and ink sketch of primulas is from a reference photo given as one of the March Challenge images in the Floral/Botanical forum at WetCanvas. I am trying to make a watercolor of this, but so far am not terribly pleased with how it is coming out. Still I like the photograph so thought I would do a quick pen and ink drawing of the flowers.

Above is another WetCanvas reference photo, I find them useful when I want to create a quick drawing but have no clue of what. This is one of the Pen and Ink Forums monthly challenge images (not for March). However since I did this in graphite (pencil) and have no intention of inking it I will just share it here.

Not sure what species of cat this is, coloration is grey and white, and the animal looks to be semi small, meaning larger than a house cat but smaller than a leopard. I didn't spend a lot of time on this so there are errors, still I think I mostly got the face and expression.

One last drawing, a very quick pen and ink sketch of a pair of small scissors. I didn't do this in pencil first, so errors are errors. Still not too bad a drawing of what can be a tricky subject.

My last image today is of a photograph I made over this past weekend. The sky was full of clouds some looking quite threatening. I really like the look of the trees against the sky with the lone sea gull flying against the grey clouds, all lit by the sun.

That is it for today, per usual comments are welcome.