Friday, April 11, 2014

More Toys, a plant and a Nature Journal Page

OK I admit I just couldn't resist drawing the elephant with polka-dots. This time its' company is some more blocks and a cloth doll with red hair. The dolls expression isn't quite what it was supposed to be, my pen slipped a bit while I was drawing her mouth. Ah well, it didn't bother me enough to correct it. Toys are sitting on a slight wonky shelf.

The polka-dots on the gray elephant are purple and pink, seemed appropriate. Drawn with pencil in the sketchbook, then inked and color pencil was added. Fun to do, everyone needs some play time, right?

Eventually if I get around to it, the above drawing will actually become a watercolor. This is another attempt at participating in the WetCanvas Watercolor forum April project. Thought you might like to see the photograph the drawing is based on, as I have a feeling it doesn't make a lot of sense without color.

About a week or so ago I photographed this plant outside the library. Apparently it started putting out some new growth a bit earlier than it should have as it got hit by our frozen temps which damaged some of the new leaves. That said I think some of these leaves are from last summer. Anyway a far more colorful image than the rose hip and stem I had selected previously.

Believe it or not I spent far more time on this drawing than I expected to. Had to keep making corrections and it still isn't quite right. I have realized I have gotten a lot better and faster at drawing birds and other animals than I am at drawing plant shapes other than flowers. A bit disconcerting, and a way to dampen the ego.

Inked another of my catch up Nature Journal Pages, the one above is from a visit on December 5, 2012 to Daniel Webster. Thankfully this is the last of the 2012 pages that I needed to do.

Top images are a Hawk I saw flying and hunting for dinner, and the tree stump in the Panne with two rather largish turtles hauled out to sun bathe. I was surprised to see the turtles as by December they really should be dug into the mud and hibernating. Though per my notes the day was relative mild for December. Note that the water level is still very high. The final drawing is of some Canada Geese dining on the one of the grassy areas at Daniel Webster.

Done mostly with one of my dip pens, but I did add a few lines with one of the technical pens after I erased the under drawing and realized some areas needed a bit more.

As a last image, proof that spring is finally arriving here in the Northeast US. Crocus blooming in the yard of my apt. building. Made this photo a couple of days ago, the blooms are mostly gone now, and as we are expecting rain I doubt any will be left to photograph by tomorrow.

That is it for today, per usual comments are welcome.