Saturday, May 31, 2014

Squirrel, clover, and tress

After I finished the watercolor in my last update I ended up taking a bit of a break, but finally got motivated yesterday so am doing an update today.

When I visit the Library, if the weather is nice, I tend to extend my trip to a small park that is behind the library. There is a stream that flows through the park with tables and benches for sitting. The other day on my walk back from the park I startled a squirrel that had been foraging in the front area of an older building. The squirrel took off around the corner I got my camera ready and went after it.

Poor thing, I have to think that it is, while full grown, still a young squirrel.  It did a lot of scrambling in its efforts to get away from me, a couple of times it seemed like it couldn't quite make up its mind which way it wanted to go.  The wall of the building being right there it decided to scramble up the wall, fell off, ran a ways beside the wall and then started climbing again. Once it got to a certain height on the wall  it paused to look at me. I was able to get a couple of photographs and used one as reference to make the above drawing.

This is just a quick graphite sketch, which I did as a study while considering whether I should make a more polished drawing of this subject. I rather like the pose of the squirrel and the way it is looking over its' shoulder at me. I think this will be a go, but I really have to finish at least one of the other two drawings I currently have in the works before I start with the squirrel.

More flowers, have you figured you yet that I love drawing flowers? I find them totally fascinating, the way this petal grows out of that part etc.

Today's flower is the lowly red clover. Brought by Europeans to American it can now be found in waste fields and along roadsides in many areas. I drew the leaves separately to show the light colored chevrons that mark each leaf. Done first with pencil, inked with one of my technical pens and colored pencil added.

I am telling myself that I need to start doing more Plein Air drawing if not painting. I really should be painting but am not quite ready for that step. So the other day I took the time to draw these trees and the bicycle. Not terribly good as I really didn't spend all that long on it. Not sure I captured the look of a tree with leaves. Ah well as an initial venture it isn't too bad.

The clematis are starting to bloom. The same day I made the plein air drawing above I photographed these blooming clematis. The yard where this plant is growing also has a purple clematis but it wasn't yet it bloom. Have to head back in that direction on one of my walks to see if I can get some photographs of it.

The problem with this time of year is that I make more photographs than I want to post to the blog. I try to pick ones that I think are not only the best but ones that my readers will enjoy seeing. I would love to hear from folks about what they think of them.

That is it for today, per usual comments are welcome.