Friday, June 6, 2014

A Still Life and some peonies

A new month and new images from the WetCanvas Pen and Ink forum monthly challenge. Per usual there are several that I have downloaded and printed out.

This is a still life in a glass bowl. I am not really very happy with how it came out. I feel I should have taken a bit more time with it, or perhaps used one of my dip pens instead of my technical pens. Still the good news is that I actually managed to get one done. Hopefully I will manage a few more during the rest of the month.

The challenge flower for the Floral and Botanical forum is Peonies. I love peonies and have my own photographs that I will be using to create my watercolor painting from. Above is a very quickly done colored pencil drawing from one of those photographs. (see below) Peonies are rather complex flowers and I though I should do some preliminary work prior to starting a painting.

Done in my sketchbook with just colored pencils over a graphite sketch.

The Watercolor forum of WetCanvas is doing a session on Notan (Japanese black and white designs) and how making small Notan sketches can help determine the best composition for a painting
So I made the above sketches with just graphite using the flower photograph below.

Not sure if this is quite the right approach but I do know that the design I like the best is the 3 circles in the upper right corner. Though when I actually drew the flowers I ended up including the 4th smaller flower, unusual as I don't usually do drawings with 4 objects, three usually makes a better design. Still in this case that 4th one seems to work.

I may play with this some more as I was trying to be very simplistic and from what I have seen others do I don't need to be quite so stark. Check the composition link above to see a more complex approach to Notan.

Here is my photograph of peonies in bloom. The photograph was made a couple of years ago as with our cold winter and chilly spring I have yet to see one peony blossom so far this year, maybe today.

Above is my Photo pick for today's update. I was walking past this fence the other day when I realized how amazing the shadows coming through were. I stopped to make a couple of photographs and though I would share this one.

This is the second fence of this type in the neighborhood, the other hasn't been taken care of as well, which is a pity as I am sure replacing this kind of workmanship would be very expensive in this day and age. I image this was hand forged as I can't conceive of any other way it could be made.

That is it for today per usual comments are welcome.