Monday, June 30, 2014

Basketball Sketch and several UFO's

Brockton occasionally does these events, some are for official Holidays, like the Memorial day parade others are hmm, not sure just why they are put together. Anyway on the Summer Solstice they had something going on at one of the middle schools. Partly I think for kids to celebrate being out of school but I think there was a larger purpose of which I have no real clue. I arrived a couple hours after the official start and I think I missed the games they had for the kids, there were still some booths with activities that the kids could take part in, and there was a pickup game of Basketball on one of the outdoor courts. They also had an outdoor grill and were cooking hamburgers and hot dogs.

The drawing was done using as reference a photograph I made that day, I edited out some objects and several other players, it was not a one on one game. Actually I ended up drawing in way more of the background then I initially intended. I know it is pretty sketchy but I am still semi pleased with it. I doubt I will do a more finished drawing of this, unless I spend a lot more time working on the layout. But it might make an interesting watercolor, the taller man was dressed in yellow with blue shoes. Drawn in one of my sketchbooks with an HB pencil.

OK the above is it for finished pieces in this update the rest of the images today have to do with some of my several works in progress.

I came up with an idea last week that it might be fun to do some illustrated ABC's. The idea came from a book I had taken out of the Library on Edward Lear. I didn't realize until reading the book that Lear made his living as an artist, mainly making watercolors and Illustrations. The nonsense verse and drawings were a sideline that started out as something he included in letters to his friends. Anyway Lear made several illustrated alphabets, mostly with fictional animals, I am not in Lear's league so though I would use either real flowers or animals for mine. After I put together the lists of possibilities I thought why not use one flower and one animal for each letter.

So above is the start of the Illustrations drafted out on some Laid paper that I have had forever. The flower for A is the aster and my animal is an alpaca. I am going to use a dip pen for this with India Ink. I am still thinking about applying color but have a feeling that I will decide to not bother and just leave it as black and white drawings.

Initial layout and inking for a new Mandala.

When I was making Mandala's in the past I would design a section and then color it in before moving on to the next section. For this one I decided that I wanted to make more design decisions up front. So above is the current status of this piece. I still need to design the rest of the outer ring, but I think that I want to start adding color to the inner sections first. Right now it looks pretty busy but I am hoping that adding color will help to visually make sense of all those lines.

An update on the stipple piece. Mostly starting work in some new areas, though I have further darkened some of the areas I had previously worked on. Progress is being made, slowly but surely.

Now for something a bit different. I finally broke down and purchased a tablet last week, so I can get and read E-books. This is a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 and of course it needed a case. With my stash of fabrics there was no way I was going to purchase a case for mine instead I put some thought into what I needed, hauled out some fabrics and my rotary cutter and went to work.

I put a pocket on the front to hold the power connector and a cable, and some ear plugs. The base of the case has a full lining with batting in between. The strap is my old stand by of braided strips of fabric. The flaps are held closed with Velcro.  I probably should have used buttons, but really didn't want to play with the buttonhole attachment of the machine so went with the Velcro. I think it came out pretty well for something with no pattern, everything fits into appropriate spaces and it is easy to carry. Not to mention it is much prettier than what I could buy in the store.

I was getting tired of posting flower photographs, actually I have been posting flowers to my Facebook page between blog updates and don't want to reuse photographs. If you have an interest in my between update images you can like my Facebook page below and you should receive notification via your feed. So here is a photograph of an evening sky. No real color, I just like the white clouds against the deep blue sky.

That is it for today, per usual comments are welcome.