Sunday, August 3, 2014

August, Time to Catch Up

Where did July go? Not sure, just know it is gone. It wasn't a very productive month for me art wise. Just couldn't seem to get into gear and work on drawings or paintings. About the only thing I was doing art wise was photography, flowers mostly but also per usual any thing that caught my eye. I won't overwhelm the bog with photos but some of the ones I liked best I posted to my Facebook page, there is link and a button to "like" at the end of my blog post, you can head over there if you are curious.

Anyway when I finally started working on something I chose to start with this mandala. I have obviously been working on the center. I had chosen colors prior to my summer break so it was an easy reintroduction to my art. Not much to say about it, except that so far I am happy with how it is working.

Next two images are just doodles that I did with my technical pen in a sketchbook. For the above I didn't have much in mind when I started, just started making marks and let the image develop as it wanted. Those are supposed to be pine cones on a branch. Well one sort of works, not so sure about the one in the background. As for the flowers maybe zinnia's as I have had zinnia's on the brain (seeing them in gardens) lately.

Again just doodles, I had seen a bicyclist that morning dragging the rubber of his back tire, he was riding on just the metal rim. A not very wise thing to do as if he damaged the rim he will have to replace the whole wheel not just the rubber tire. Oh well not my problem but it was a bit of a strange sight.

The bottom drawing just developed into a building set among some trees. Not really planned but I sort of like the way it turned out.

Now for just a couple out of the many photos I have made this past month. Actually I made the one above yesterday. I was visiting a park that has an area set aside for plantings but so far the city hasn't done much with it so it is overgrown with "weeds". There happen to be a lot of milkweed plants in among the other stuff, I was examining all of the milkweeds for caterpillars (monarch butterflies) and though I didn't find any of those I did find this land snail. The day was rainy so you are seeing water droplets on the milkweed seed pod behind the snail.

I did see a Monarch Butterfly this past week, which is why I was looking for caterpillars. It has been almost 2 years since I last saw one, as I never did see a Monarch last summer. I did know they are in the State though because I belong to a Facebook group for Butterflies in Eastern MA, and had seen a photograph. The Monarch I saw wasn't so obliging as to let me make a photo of it, still I was thrilled to see those familiar orange and black wings.

This photograph of pink Hydrangea flowers was made last month. Most of the Hydrangea bushes around me have blue or white flowers. Our soil tends to be acidic which causes the blue color, but this bush is an exception and has pink flowers. It happens to be in the same yard as a bush which had mostly blue flowers with the exception of one pink bunch. Most unusual. But I rather like this photo of the pink with the bright green leaves.

That is it for today. Hopefully now that I am back drawing again the next blog post won't be so long in coming. Per usual comments are welcome.