Sunday, September 21, 2014

Drawings in Transit, and a Bumblebee

Went back into Boston last week and had to spend some time waiting for the bus at the bus terminal so made some drawings. Above is a woman who was also waiting sitting on the edge of one the plant enclosures at the terminal. The shoes were semi blocked from my view so I sort of winged them. I rather like the upper body areas.

A quick portrait of a woman who was also waiting for the buses. In Brockton the buses try to leave from the depot at the same time, they all don't arrive at the same time off the routes but they try to time them so they all leave at the same time, makes it easier on passengers who have to transfer from one bus to another.

I am a bit rusty when it comes to portraits so need to spend more time doing them. Still for a quick sketch I somewhat captured her look.

The one above I drew on the train into Boston, she was so intent on her device that I don't think she looked up more than once, and I know she wasn't aware that I was drawing her.

Pen and ink drawing of another of the white fall asters, I am fairly sure that this is the Toothed White Topped Aster, or perhaps another variant of that type. I am not very happy with how the flower heads came out, too dark and not really clear enough. One reason why you see several attempts at drawing them. Will have to try again on another day. Graphite might be a better medium for this plant, but I needed to play with the technical pens so I chose to use them.

During my Boston trip I visited the large Dick Blick store on Park (they have Polychromos pencils open stock), then walked up Park along the Fenway to the MFA. In the Fenway green space I found several art Installations. The photo above shows one of a series of plaster castings/sheets with a figure emerging from the ground. Another installation was of colorful tree like sculptures placed among the trees. Another had what looked like three concrete pillows arrange by some bushes, and there was another of objects hung from trees. I may have missed at least one or two but it was sort of fun to discover art where I didn't expect it.

At the MFA I visited the Hollywood Glamour of the Silver Screen Exhibit. The exhibit includes both dresses and jewelry that was worn or owned by the stars of the movies in the 1930's - 1940's. The exhibit isn't very large it all fits into one room, but it was fun and I felt it was worth my time. 

Above is a photo of some of the dresses on display. In the background you can see the screen where they showed clips from movies of that era. I have to say that the designs they selected are pretty timeless, some of them I wouldn't mind owning and wearing.  

These last two photos are the last of a series I made of a bumble bee that was visiting this rose. When I first saw the rose the bee was deep inside and I could only catch glimpses of it moving around. The shot above shows it emerging from the center. The one below while it looks like the bee is arriving is actually of it leaving the rose.

Obviously I see a lot of bumble bees visiting flowers but rarely get as good a photograph as these so I wanted to show them off.