Tuesday, October 7, 2014

More #inktober, update on Mandala

So far so good with the #inktober project. I am still missing one day but otherwise have managed to keep up. Above is my drawing for Oct. 4th. I was doodling in a sketch book something that looked like a tree and decided it would make a good subject for my daily ink work. So above is the tree done in brown ink, stippled with brown and black ink with added green for leaves. It holds a nest with two yellow/orange chicks, and sits on a green hill.

All colors used are from various colored pens I happened to have in the stash but rarely use. I mostly don't like the color of inks in pens so tend to stick with just black ink, but this tree just cried out for color so I pulled out the pens and went at it. Actually it was fun to do, and I rather like the result, proving that colored pens do have their uses.

Above is Oct 5ths drawing. A made up fish with just one poor frond of water plant to keep it company. I used the 3x0 technical pen for this work after lightly penciling in the fish, bubbles and plant. Background is a bit different even for me. I initially drew spirals hoping it would look water like, but it wasn't dark enough to make the fish or plant stand out. So I drew wavy lines crossing the spiral lines, still didn't make the back ground dark enough so I added a third layer of small squiggles. Finally I had the background dark enough to make the fish and other objects stand out, and the wavy cross hatching has created a mosaic like texture.

I like this background, now I just have to remember how I did it in case I want to do it again, though I have to say using the 3x0 tip meant creating very fine lines and it took longer to make this background than I initially anticipated.

Above is the drawing for the 6th. Much simpler after the previous 2 days efforts. Drawn from life, a couple of Beech nuts and cases, a couple of acorns, and one hickory nut. Drawn again with my technical pens. I am not happy with the lettering and should have waited to check some references prior to doing it, but I got in a hurry and just wanted it done. Ah well I still have quite a few more of these to do so I will just have to have more patience if I decide I want more lettering on one of these.

All of the #inktober drawings are done on Bristol Smooth paper, paper size is 6 x 6 inches, drawings are 4 x 4 inches, Pens are as referenced for each drawing.

If you are on Facebook, Google+ or tumbler you can do a search on #inktober to view what others are doing with ink this month. I have found a lot of Manga and comic book type art, not my cup of tea, but as someone mentioned on another site it is still early in the month so who knows what will be done.

Above is an update on the Mandala. I am still working on the outer round, but all inking has been finished and now it is just a matter of selecting colors and drawing them in. I am repeating the blue used in the inner square in this outer round, also adding red which contrasts with the blue and green. So far I am liking how it is coming along.

Another photograph of an item in the Boston MFA collection. This is a painting by J. M. W. Turner the English painter. I believe it is the only Turner at the MFA, but then most American Institutions have very few Turner's, his paintings tend to stay in Great Britain or where ever their current home is and not travel. I love his sky's and his use of color, in that way this is a typical late Turner painting.

The subject of this painting is rather grim, which according to the blurb about it, is why we have it. It portrays a slave ship which is the process of dumping overboard sick slaves so the captain can collect insurance monies on the slaves that supposedly died on the journey across the ocean. Turner's agent sold it to John Ruskin for Ruskin's son, but son found the subject so disturbing that he sold the painting to an American who brought it to NYC. Eventually it was purchased by a Bostonian family who sold it the MFA in the late 1800's. To see a larger image and read more about the painting click HERE

I have color corrected this photograph in Photoshop.

Another photograph of fall color, this is some type of Locust tree, probably a Sunburst Honey Locust. I just wanted to show that we also have yellow/gold leaves as part of our fall color. I find it interesting that again these colors echo the colors used in my posted painting. I didn't deliberately set out to do that but.. probably unconsciously.

That is it for today, per usual comments are welcome.