Saturday, October 4, 2014

Some #inktober drawings and a Mother and Child

Above is a dip pen and ink drawing of three onions. I more or less used traditional pen and ink techniques for this drawing. Not sure if I like it or not nor am I sure if I should have used more or fewer lines. I am thinking I may redo this at least once more with my technical pens, and I may try again with a dip pen just to see how it will look. I picked up some new nibs yesterday that I want to try.

On 6 x 6 inch Smooth Bristol board, image size is 4 x 4 inches, from an arraignment I set up of some onions in the refrigerator. I did make a light outline sketch of the onions and the table line with pencil prior to inking.

These drawings are done in celebration of #inktober, an event started by Jake Parker on his blog in 2009 and celebrated annually since. He and others make one ink drawing a day for the month of October, a total of 31 drawings. I am going to try and make the 31 drawings, but I am not sure that I will actually manage to do a drawing a day. So far I just have the two, so I have some catch up to do.

On one of my walks I picked up the above plant materials. I am having trouble identifying the tree, though I think they are from a thorn-less Honey Locust tree. Well I know the tree doesn't have any thorns, and I know it isn't a black locust (leaves are too small) and the Sunburst Honey Locust doesn't have pods so about all I am left with is the thorn-less Honey.

I do remember seeing Honey Locust trees in Illinois when I was growing up with their wicked thorns sticking out, they are not something one can miss when looking at a tree, and as I recall their seed pods looked very much like the one I picked up.

Drawn with my technical pens on Smooth Bristol board, image size the same as above. I sketched the pod in pencil first but just drew the withered leaf with pen.

A semi rough pencil drawing of a mother and child from a reference photograph I made this summer. I am semi pleased with this, the semi is because the boy's face isn't quite right, he looks older than he was, but I got tired of fussing with it so it is as good as it is going to get. I do like the shading and think it has some depth to it.

Done in one of my sketchbooks with mostly a B or HB lead.

I traveled into Boston yesterday and rather than try to draw folks around me I took a reference photograph of one of the stray cats my neighbor is feeding. I am thinking about trying to do some more finished drawings of each of the cats that comes to visit, with the addition of the 2 cats that live in my building and whom I have also photographed. That would make a portrait gallery of about 6 cats, but I am not totally sure of how many cats come to dine so it may be more.

This is just a rough sketch and I know there are some things not quite right about it, but for the time I spent on it I am fairly pleased. The cat is a grey and white tabby with green eyes, a white front bib and is missing the tip of one ear.

I was back at the MFA (Boston Museum of Fine Arts) yesterday. I dropped into the Jamie Wyeth exhibit again but I also just spent more time wandering the museum photographing art that interested me for one reason or another.

I should have made note of the artist who created the above piece. It sort of reminded me of a quilt, except it is made of metal, mostly bottle caps but also cut up pieces of cans. Holes were punched in the metal and the pieces were connected using copper wire. The black is deliberate, and right now I can't remember exactly how it was done. Top photo is more or less a close up of the left hand side of the piece, with the bottom photo showing it in its entirety.

Note: I color corrected these photographs as museum light tends to yellow a photograph, which the observer doesn't notice when viewing the works. Also the focus isn't as good as I would like as I can't use a flash and holding the camera complexity steady while the shutter is open isn't always possible, I am not as steady as I used to be.

A final image of more fall leaves. Maple leaves in the foreground but I am not sure what the yellow leaves are that are in the background. It was a grey day yesterday so I didn't make any photographs in Boston other than in the museum. We need the rain but I admit that the grey sky's are getting a bit old, September had so many clear sunny days that I know I got spoiled.

That is it for today per usual comments are welcome.