Saturday, February 28, 2015

Pen and Ink Landscape and other

I started this over Christmas vacation but then sort of dropped it, no particular reason just didn't feel like working on it. It is from a reference photo I made a couple of years ago in a local State Park. I don't recall the tree species. I just liked the line of it with the fence, open field behind and then the line of trees in the distance. Time of year was October, so the tree has lost some of its leaves. Haven't decided if I like this or not. I think it works but might have been better on white paper. Course I can always do a re-make.

This is done on Strathmore toned grey paper with my technical pens, the 3x0 as I recall, size is 4 x 6 inches.

More play with my technical pens, got to keep that ink flowing. I start with a basic shape and then work from there as I feel like it, the squares were the start of this piece.

This was drawn for another of the WetCanvas Scanvenger Hunts. I mostly used the F lead in one of my clutch pencil holders but added some 2B. This is one of my Grandmothers china cups, Lemoges, and purchased in Canada while they were on their Honeymoon over 100 years ago. Is there such a thing as Antique China? The squiggle around the rim is a gold pattern. Done in my dedicated sketchbook it is a fairly small drawing, about 4 inches.

I spent yesterday in Boston at the Museum of Science visiting their special exhibit on the Inca's. The above is a photograph of one of the statues on exhibit and is of one of their kings. These statues contain images that have to do with the Kings right to rule, claiming linkage and ancestry to past kings and to the Gods. I found the exhibit well put together, with short video clips, informative blurbs, and covering a wide range of Inca culture, from ball games to war, it was worth my time if not my money.

I wasn't happy about the price I had to pay to see this, and since I don't have kids or grandkids membership in the museum isn't worth it to me. It has been years since I visited the museum and it will probably be years before I visit again. The museums regular exhibits and activities are geared toward the under 14 age group. They might be found interesting by an adult who hasn't been exposed to some of the best Science museums such as the Smithsonian or Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry, but not really to me. I know museums have to support themselves and one time visitors are one way they do that, doesn't mean I have to like though.

Upon leaving the museum I walked along the Charles River, as I wanted to make some photographs. I walked down from the museum to the Red Line stop at the end of the Longfellow Bridge. Along the way I collected 4 squirrels that obviously expected me to feed them. Unfortunately for them I didn't have any food. But it was fun to make photos of them. Since they were running along the top of a snow bank which was about waist high I had no trouble getting this in-your-face photo. That black bar to the right is the back of a bench that has been mostly covered in snow.

Again I have posted more photos from my day out to my Facebook fan page. You don't have to be a facebook member to view it.

That is it for today, per usual comments are welcome.