Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Portraits and Still Life

For today's post I am including 2 portraits that I have done in the past two days. For the first I went back to graphite in one of my sketchbooks to draw this lovely lady.

First an explanation, on Flickr there is a group called Julia Kay's Portrait Party, I heard about the group through a member of another group I belong to. Last year I asked to join and was accepted as a member. However at the time I wasn't in the mood to draw portraits and before I started to participate I needed to find some photos of myself that I could upload to the group. The purpose of the group is to draw portraits of each other. So each member needs to provide images that other members can use as reference. For one reason or another I don't have a lot of images of me, but I have been able to locate a few and in the past couple of days I have finished setting up my membership and downloaded some images for me to draw.

The above pencil drawing is my first for the Portrait Party and is of Jo XXXXXXX. I am reasonably pleased with this, it semi looks like her, though it took me way too long to achieve what likeness I managed. Good thing I used graphite or she wouldn't be looking anything like herself. I hope to be doing more portraits and will hopefully get faster at getting a likeness.

The other day I received a request to participate in a Blog event that Renata is having on her blog, she asked for a self portrait in ink. So using one of the reference I uploaded to the Portrait Party last night I did a quick drawing of myself and then added ink. Hmm well, not too bad, not wonderful but not too bad either considering that I really didn't spend all that long on it. Oh in case you are wondering, I made a "selfie" with my Canon Rebel using the delay shot feature, so I could set up the camera and then go stand in front of it before the shutter clicked, the photo is actually a few years old, but I look pretty much the same, more wrinkles, and the hair is whiter.

Done in one of my sketchbooks, I used my technical pens to do the inking, and then erased out the graphite.

The above still life is totally from my imagination, which is why the shadows are incomplete and only suggested. I was playing around and made a quick graphite sketch that I then inked using a dip pen and my acrylic inks. Not wonderful, but it was sort of fun to do. Almost no cross hatching, mainly just directional lines to provide tone. I consider it a practice piece.

Photo for today is a tree that is downtown Brockton and is basically covered with Ivy. I have photographed this tree before as I find it interesting. The tree is alive and will leaf out come spring despite being overgrown with ivy. You can see the mounds of snow that were covered over by our most recent snowfall. Boston has had a record amount of snow in the past seven days, approx. 3 feet worth, as the last storm dumped another 12 inches on us on Monday. We are getting a bit of melting today, but are also expecting another snow storm tomorrow, and perhaps over the weekend. Anyone want some snow? I am sure the City of Boston or Brockton would be thrilled if someone wanted to come and take a lot of it away.

That is it for today, per usual comments are welcome.