Wednesday, March 4, 2015

March, doodles, sketches and fabric

March has arrived and I am sorry to say it arrived with another snow storm. Not much accumulation thankfully, only a couple of inches, but still, this weekly snow storm business is getting very very old.

Above is another of my pen exercise doodles, done using all of my technical pens just to keep ink flowing. Can you tell I am having fun with these and trying to think of different shapes/textures I can play with. And no I don't consider these Zentangles. Zentangles are supposed to start with "strings" and at least one mirror of the placement of that string. I am starting with shapes and working from there. The starting shape for this one was the triangle.

On my trip into Boston last Friday I challenged myself to do some quick sketches of fellow passengers. I am not quite brave enough to do these in ink so a technical pencil is my weapon of choice in a small sketchbook.

The traveler above was sitting at a table in the Bus Depot waiting (along with me) for the bus she wanted to to take to arrive.

The one above was actually done on the bus on the way up to Ashmont. The young woman was slouched in her seat diagonally in front of me. As I recall working her phone, I have to say one thing smart phones have done, is to give many fellow travelers something to occupy themselves with to the extent that they never notice me drawing.  I rather like this one, and was thinking that I might redo it in pen.

What is this you are saying to yourself, that doesn't look like a drawing or any other kind of art work. No, it isn't a drawing, but it is part of a pillow cover that I have been working on the past couple of days. Many, many years ago I purchased two large 26 inch pillows. As is the nature of fabric when it covers an article in frequent use the fabric covering the pillows got worn and a bit threadbare. One pillow I have recovered twice, but the 2nd pillow was usually in a more protected position and didn't get as much use. Still it has reached the point where I either recover the pillow or toss it. Since I still have a use for the pillow and pillows of that size aren't cheap assuming I could even find one I am using the fabric stash to recover it.

As you can see the couch is green so I pulled some blue, green and tan batik fabrics from the stash and cutting 7 inch strips have been sewing them together to make a square. I have the 2nd set of strips cut and will hopefully get them assembled in the next day or so and then I will again have a 2nd usable pillow. Not very fancy but then I didn't want to spend a huge amount of time on this. More to the point I might as well use the stash for something rather than letting it just sit there and age.

Photos today are more snow, sorry but until some of this melts it really is about the only subject I photograph. Above is from last Friday and shows you the piles of snow in downtown Boston. The photo was made about a block east of Macy's downtown store (the former Jordan Marsh Store). I was on my way over to South Station and looking back I made this photo.

The above photo is actually of a snow pile that was showing some signs of melting. Snow at the bottom of the pile had been dug out to open up the street drain and melting snow in the overhang created these icicles. A positive sign as we have up to the past weekend had very few days with the temp. even slightly above freezing.

That is it for today, per usual comments are welcome.