Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Nature Journal, pen and ink exercise and button

The penultimate catch up Nature Journal drawing, sorry I have always wanted to use that word since I heard it and understood its meaning, it means next to the last, very specific and not something that can usually be dropped in casual conversation. Anyway only more drawing to go before I will be caught up, a good thing as snow is actually melting around here and I will hopefully soon be able to be out and about in the Nature Reserves. Just have to decide which one to concentrate on.

This page was done for a visit to Daniel Webster Audubon Sanctuary back on June 15, 2013. The images are the stump in the panne, Water levels were extremely high, in fact I don't think I have seen them higher except maybe the time a Hurricane came through, As I recall I don't think there were a lot of birds as probably much of what they would eat was further under water than usual. Course I did see a Green Heron, love those birds they are such fun to watch. They can stand so still watching and waiting for a meal to swim by. There was one turtle on the tree stump, and a perching bird on one of the supports, probably a tree swallow as they like to rest between feeding flybys over the panne.

Another of my ink exercises. I drew the outlines of the major shapes first then added fills. I think I should have left the stipple out, but it seemed like the design needed something to pull the two different areas together so I added it. Oops, ah well better luck next time I guess. I am trying to use more black areas in these designs, in contrast to the white I think it makes a visual statement.

Done on the other half sheet of Utrecht American Master's paper with my various tipped technical pens.

Another drawing for the WetCanvas Scavenger Hunt, this one in graphite is of a plastic button shaped like a leaf. Spent longer on it then I intended and used a couple of different grade pencils on this. In the dedicated sketchbook, with various leads in clutch pencil holders.

I was able to get my lens back last Friday, but the sun never really came out, did see one small flash of it for about 5 minutes then it was gone for the rest of the day. Over that night into Sat. we had clouds and more snow. Thankfully not very much snow, just a couple of inches but it did cover all the dirty old snow with a layer of white so I thought why not go to the park and see if I can make some photos. Above is one of them, the pump house and a row of trees that line the dike around one of the ponds the city uses for drinking water. Probably would have been a better photo if I had the diagonal of trees going toward the center of the photo, but I was at this end and made this one. I am getting tired of photographs of snow, I really really hope this all melts soon.

So, this is it for today, per usual comments are welcome.