Monday, March 16, 2015

Nature Journal revisit, and more pen and ink

A blast from the past today. Well not entirely, I just inked the above page in my Nature Journal but it was drawn last year when I was working at getting the Journal caught up, and the original reference images were made May 27, 2013. So this page has been almost two years in the works. Oops, I am not entirely happy with this drawing as I am sadly out of practice doing this kind of pen work. The turkey esp. could have been done better, but I have to admit that I find turkeys difficult. Trying to suggest the pattern of their feathers without going into too much detail isn't easy.

That said I am happy with the Canada Geese parents and young, that part was fun to draw and ink. I have only 3 more pages to finish, 2 still need to be drawn and the 3rd is ready for ink. I am hoping I can motivate myself to get them done soon as after taking a couple years away from the Journal I think I want to start back up again. Just have to decide where I will put my focus.

Above is another of my pen exercises, all my technical pens in one small piece. Was trying something different for this one, not sure if it works or not, but I wouldn't know if I hadn't tried so am glad I at least did that.

The above graphite drawing was done for another of the WetCanvas Scavenger Hunts, an apple. Don't want to think about how many apples I have drawn over the years, but each and every one was its own challenge. This one I wanted to shade so used several grades of pencil on it. That said I have a new printer and the scanner that came built in and I are still getting to know each other. The scans are not coming out as well as I was used to with my old printer/scanner. So I did use Photoshop to tone the scan and ended up with the graphite looking blacker than it is, I didn't make any other adjustments though.

The photograph for today isn't the best. I didn't have a lot to select from. My regular lens is in the shop being fixed. Apparently I bumped it once too often and damaged the part that works the auto focus. It is being fixed, for a price, and in the future I am going to have to remember to take better care of my camera and its lenses. I have put a different lens on the camera, but I have issues with this one and so have limited photos.

Anyway the above is some dirty snow melting away from a chain link fence, leaving gaps and creating icicles. We have now had over a week of daytime above freezing temps. one day actually felt warm with a temp. around 60. But we still have snow, the record breaking snow falls we had this past winter aren't going away quickly.

That is it for today, per usual comments are welcome.