Tuesday, October 27, 2015

End of Inktober in sight.

Inktober is starting to wind down, only 5 more days until it will be over and it will be November. I am basically taking it one day at a time and so far so good. All of today's drawings are animals, either a cat or a dog as the case may be. Just haven't felt like going back to leaves and the elf. Course I am not only using different images as reference am using different styles for the drawings depending on the animal portrayed and what I think fits it.

Above is one the stray cats I occasionally see in my neighborhood as my next door neighbor feeds homeless cats in the evening. He used to feed them during daylight hours and I was able to get more photographs but I think someone complained and he has switched to feeding them after dark so I rarely see them any more. However the other day I did see this cat in the yard and was able to make a few usable photographs of it.

All the drawings are done in my 8 x 5 inch sketchbook, for the one above I used my 0 (.35) Rapidograph technical pen for all of the lines. Oh one other mention before we move on to the next image, all of these were first done in pencil and then the pen work was done either over the pencil or to it.

The above drawing of a poodle was done from another of my reference photographs. The State parks I walk in allow dogs, on leashes supposedly but depending on the park many who have obedient dogs will walk them off leash. I don't usually mind, unless the dog is a jumper and has recently been swimming or the paths are wet because of rain. Anyway sometimes I try to make photographs of some of the dogs I see.

For the poodle I used my Copic Multiliners the .05 and .1 tips. What I did different here is I filled in the background to my penciled lines and allowed the darkness there to define the edges of the dog, so there are very few outline lines in the above drawing, most of the additional lines are actually shading lines, not outlines. I am fairly pleased with how this one came out. The dog even looks a bit fuzzy, and if you know the breed they have very curly hair and are a bit fuzzy.

I really liked this photo, the dog was interested in something on the ground, and I think this is a pointer so tracking by scent is part of what they do. For this drawing I went back to the Technical pen, the 0 (.35) for the entire drawing. I also outlined this dog, since it had short slick coat I thought using an outline would convey that feeling. I will also say that I like the drawing.

For yesterdays I went back to a cat, this one in motion. It was another of the neighborhood strays, they really don't like strangers to approach them, and I am a stranger so. For this photo it had taken off across the street, but I was for once ready with the camera and was able to make a couple photos.

I used Copic Multiliners for this, in this case the .03 and the .5. The .03 for the line work on the cat and its dark patches and the .5 for the shadow which I wanted dense and dark.

To me all of these images have a very illustrative feel to them, fairly simple drawings of animals with clean line work and some shading.

Sunday started out with some drizzle (we could really have used some rain, but we will take what we get) but it started to clear toward mid afternoon so I went out for a walk in my local city Park. Still though there was just a bit of sun it stayed mostly cloudy, so the colors above are not as bright as they should be. Yellow, orange and red, with the understory still green, a typical New England fall image.

I don't usually post the same photo in two different places on-line, but I love this photograph, dead fern fronts in among some bushes whose leaves had turned bright red. the contrast of colors makes the fronds sort of glow.

That is it for today. Per usual comments and/or questions are welcome.