Sunday, October 4, 2015

Starting Inktober 2015

Well, it isn't the best drawing I have ever done, but I did it without any preliminary work, so I don't think it is too bad. I had totally forgotten about the Inktober Challenge until I saw a posting on facebook which reminded me. It was still early enough in the day that I could take the time to make the above drawing.

If you are interested you can go HERE to read about Jake Parker and the Inktober challenge. It is still fairly early in the month so if you want to join/start there is still time. Most people post to facebook, or flickr or wherever, if you do a search on #inktober you should pull a lot of images.

Not quite sure where the idea for this came from, but I am finding it a lot of fun to continue with the theme of a small helper making my drawings for me. Just the kind of thing I need to ease me back into some more serious works.

For the first drawing my helper was just doing letters, reminding me of the Inktober challenge, for this second drawing it pulled out a couple of acorns and drew them. The drawing shows it caught in the act of shading the nuts. Well that is the story I am telling myself anyway.

For this drawing I first did a pencil drawing and added the ink afterwards. The result is a much more polished drawing and I am much happier with it. All of these challenge drawings are being done in one of my smaller (5 x 8 inches) sketchbooks and I am using either my technical pens or my Copic Multiliner pens, mostly the .1 and .03 tips, or the 0 and 00 technical pens.

Above is my drawing for the 3rd, this time I started with a White Pine pine cone, and my little friend is viewing the results of it's efforts. I haven't decided if it is male or female which is why I am trying to be gender neutral.

Again I made a pencil under drawing for this one and then did the inking.

We have had clouds and rain most of this past week so I haven't been out with the camera since last weekend. This photograph is from last Sunday's visit to Daniel Webster, I think the plant is Wild Lettuce but I may be wrong, all of my plant ID books are still packed away so am guessing. It is a tallish dandelion looking flower. I just liked the image of the sun lit seed head.

That is it for today, hopefully I will be continuing with my Inktober drawings so should be updating the blog again soon.