Wednesday, March 1, 2017

March brings some sketches

I can't believe it is March already. I was going to do another Feb. update, then I caught a cold and just didn't have the energy to draw, so the update didn't happen. The sparrow sitting at the feeder in the above drawing was going to be the header for that update, instead I stopped working on it and finally finished it this morning. Not totally pleased but I was tired of working on it so it will have to do.

I used another of my personal reference photographs for this little guy. Drawing with various graphite pencils in one of my smaller sketchbooks.

The next 3 images are from my Scavenger Hunt sketchbook. All drawings are done from life using a .1 Copic Multiliner pen. I am not doing any preliminary pencil work, so sometimes there are mistakes that I try to modify and/or correct. I think all the images are self explanatory. The Scavenger Hunt lists are posted weekly in the WetCanvas Art From Life forum. Artists can use any media for their artworks, I just choose to use pen and ink as a challenge to me. 

Above is a 2nd page for the same hunt as the top page. I am fairly happy about the shoe, but the cereal box isn't proportioned correctly, it was/is a large of box of Cheerios and should have been taller in the drawing. Ah well, that is why we do these studies.

Only one page for the current Hunt (which ends today, March 1). Top is a potato peeler that I purchased way back when I moved out of my parents home into my own apt. Been a long time, and they now have fancier peelers, but this one still works so I use it. The other two items are a flashlight, and a tube of paint. Not my best work but at least I managed a couple of drawings. Finally starting to have a bit more energy and am not quite so bonded to the tissue box.

Photos for today: The lakes and ponds in my local area are all full and overflowing. This photo is from Ames Nowell State Park in Abington, MA. Not much green as of yet, but hopefully the winter snows are behind us. Oops shouldn't even think that, as I write I am hearing a weather forecast for light snow on Friday. Ah well, I can only hope that the adjective "light" is the operative word, one April 1st we had about 20 inches of heavy wet snow, that was no fun at all. 

A first sign of Spring, I found these snowdrops almost blooming in the garden at Borderland State Park, in Easton, MA. on Monday. We have had quite a few warmish days (temps in the 60's) so wasn't entirely surprised. Just hope the trees don't wake up too quickly only to be hit by a cold snap in April. That happened last year and it wasn't good for some fruit trees. Course the cold last year also killed off a lot of the Winter Moths so there was some good that came out of it.

That is it for today. Am thinking about what I want my next project to be. I should be painting, maybe, check back in a week or two to find out. In the meantime comments are always welcome.