Friday, April 10, 2009

April Flowers/Showers

This past week I starting to see a lot more early spring flowers blooming, crocus, daffodils, Andromeda. Even the some of the forsythia bushes are showing yellow buds. YEAH. Course we also got rain, it really poured Monday afternoon/evening, but I know we need the rain so I guess I can't object. More rain is due for this evening and tomorrow, but Sunday Easter is supposed to be nice.

I had a major car problem this past week and missed both of my Tuesday classes. The car is now fixed, and I am much poorer (sigh), such is the way of cars, some days I wish I didn't have one, life is in a way simpler without them, it is certainly less expensive. Even though I missed my Tuesday drawing class I was able to attend the Thursday session so I do have drawings for you, but I don't have any homework images since I wasn't able to pick up my homework from last week. Simply means that I will have more homework images for you not next week, but the following week. Next week I have no Tuesday classes as it is scheduling day for the fall term.

In Color and Design I did finish my pen and ink final perspective drawing. We had to use all three of the classic methods of drawing perspective. Our professor calls it the Dam as we had to include a dam in the image, other required elements were trees going off into the distance, and telephone poles besides structures in one, two and 3 point perspective. This was a total pia to do, but in a way fun. So here is my version, just hope he likes it. I had to turn it in a day late as I missed the Tuesday class getting the car into the shop. He wanted us to use some ink wash and other details to add interest.

Sorry that the picture isn't the best, but it was cloudy that morning so I put the picture under a lamp and then had a hard time getting a straight down angle for the camera.

In Typography we are working on a couple of things, how to set up Book Titles and our research paper. Neither of which make very good images for the blog. Typography is so much how to set up a page so that it reads well, that I am not sure I will have many more images for you from this course this term. I will have to do a handout with the presentation of my research project but otherwise I think it is mainly computer design work, which doesn't really translate well.

In Graphic Design I am working on my final design for my Word assignment. We were in the Computer Lab with it on Wednesday and I now know what I need to do to get my final result which is due on Monday. I should have a picture for you of that one next week.

I attended yesterday's drawing class because I missed my Tuesday session, so I do have some figure drawings for you. We had another live model, she is a bit older then some of our others but still quite slender and gave us some really tricky poses. First images for you are from my warm up sketches, then a couple of longer studies. That said by the time we got to the last two poses I think I was running out of steam and didn't do such a good job, so you aren't seeing those. I changed my location in class so these drawings have different angles from those I have been doing.

I fear I didn't do a very good job on the foot that is on the bottom in this pose, but maybe if I tell you it is a foot you will see it. She was sitting on both legs, and the lower foot is a bottom of the foot view. Feet are tricky at any time, but bottom of the feet esp so.

First of our longer poses, I am not sure how I feel about this one, backs are a bit tricky and she had the shoulder in a slightly strange position. I was pleased when I just finished it, but now I am not so sure it works.

I rather like this one, even though I didn't really finish her left foot

Last image for this week.
I think I should have cropped it a bit more on the right, but otherwise I am relatively pleased with it.

Easter is this coming weekend for most Christians, and Passover started last night so I want to take this time to extend my best wishes for these celebrations to those who celebrate. Hope everyone has enjoyable holiday gatherings with friends and family.