Friday, April 24, 2009

April mid month

I have been busy with school work and not much else, just a bit of hand sewing on my new batik quilt putting rows together. But I have pictures for you and hopefully won't be boring you with so much text. No images from Typography, where I am struggling to learn the aesthetic we need to use to layout text on a page, and none from my Graphic Design class where I am trying to design a logo for a non-profit. But lots of drawing images and a few from Color and Design.

In color and Design we have moved into the 3rd dimension. In case you didn't realize the 3rd dimension is depth, since you can't do depth on a flat sheet of paper (other than illusion) this means we have taken up sculpture. We are using self hardening clay for these so we don't have to worry about glazes, kilns and all the other stuff needed when using clay that needs to be fired. We have been studying the different ways of creating sculpture, manipulation, subtractive and our final one will be additive. We will not be doing substitution, which usually involves a cast metal, way to expensive for us to play with. First method was to manipulate the clay. This sculpture was to be of a human figure, most of us did women. Because the material tends to not hold its shape very well we were to do either a sitting or prone position. I did sitting, and below is my lady, her expression isn't the best, but he rather liked her so I was happy. I have to say all of my drawing classes doing the human figure paid off with this one.

Our next sculpture was done using the subtractive method, we took a block of clay and cut it away, keeping the shapes rectilinear. I rather like this one, but mine was much more complex then most of the other students.

We needed to loose the block shape and I think I managed that. I have one more sculpture to do and I will have that for you next week. That will be the last of any images from Color and Design as we are moving onto the study of styles and will just be looking not doing any work.

In Drawing I was able to pick up my last two homework assignments so have a lot of images for you this week. Assignment #9 was our last assignment with bones. This time the skull and head, so I have one image of the skull inside the head, and then two portraits, one male and one female.

Next two images from from two weeks ago homework where he wanted shading on the bodies, I did one male and one female, I rather like how she turned out, though I had a hard time with her face and had to work on that for a bit.

I had a drawing class again this past week and here are three images from the work I did. No live models, and half way through the class we trasisition into images with two models. I only have one drawing of the two I did because the instruction helped out on the 2nd one, and I prefer to post drawings that I have done mostly on my own.

Thats it for this week. Hope everyone is enjoying more spring like weather where you are, we are supposed to have a warm weekend, both good and bad as I have so much homework that I will need to stay mostly inside and working on it. But I do hope to get some outside time, maybe a walk at a different Audubon sanscuary. I do have a new FFFC challenge to do, but I won't be able to start it much less get it done. End of the school semester is coming up quickly and final projects are being announced so I need to focus on school work. As always comments are welcome.