Friday, April 30, 2010

Photos and Etching, 100th post

Above is a scan of my final etching print of Mira installed in her bag. I like her face but am still not happy with the body on the right side, the fur isn't represented quite correctly. Oh well, I am running out of time to work on this plate so this is going to be the final version for now. Maybe I will get access to a press again sometime and be able to do more work on her. The plate was done with a combination of hard ground etching, aquatint, and engraving. Printing was done la Poupee, meaning I applied 2 colors to the plate prior to wiping, Mira is a Burnt Sienna and the background/bag is black ink.  The finished color difference is slight but there and was done to unify the cat as one image. Sorry for the shadows, the paper is wavy because of how it dried, when the ink drys I can press it flatter but right now I need to let it do its thing.  I know I could take the shadows out with Photoshop, but I really don't want to spend that much time on the photo. I have one more plate to print, this last one is of Jack in the Pulpit plants in flower. I will be printing it Tuesday so I will have a scan of it later next week.

I am still adding color to the soft ground plate but will have that done over the weekend and should be able to post a scan of that print with the Jack in the Pulpit. I am not thrilled with the subject of that plate, I think it takes me a while to absorb how to best utilize a new technique in my work and the soft ground was a new technique for me.

Next are 4 of the photos I turned in for my last Photography assignment, they were taken in color and I converted them to black and white in Photoshop. No other Photoshop work was done to them except for cropping. I really like the Red Line Terminal photo, I think that works on several levels. The trip to Boston really allowed me to take more interesting photos than I would have been able to do if I had stayed in Brockton.

            Christopher Columbus Statue in Christopher Columbus Park in Boston

Quincy/Adams Red Line Terminal

Quincy Market, South Market, Boston, MA

Building with Statue in Lobby, Boston, MA.

There were 2 more photos but these are the best. I am sorry I didn't write down the name of the building in the last photo. The one element I am missing here is a person, it would have been a better photo for my assignment if there had been someone in the lobby. Ah well it was a late Saturday afternoon and that would have been asking for a bit much. I was lucky to have cars on the other side of the street.
That is it for this posting which is believe it or not, my 100th blog post. If I were like some of the Bloggers on the Art Quilt List I would have a give a way. Maybe when I reach 200 I will give something away. In the meantime comments are welcome. Let me know what you think of my photos.