Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Drawings, Sept 20th

Above is the photo of last nights drawing. For the most part I am pleased with it, though per usual there are things I would change/fix if I could. I didn't try to do a lot with the face this week in contrast to last weeks head/shoulders drawing. The model had her head tilted back and I decided that it would be enough to just indicate her features. The lighting was very dramatic and from the floor on the left side. I would have liked to have done a bit more with the foreshortened leg/knee, but the position I drew is from the first pose session and after the first break she slighted changed the leg position so I had to fudge some of the shadows. Not sure how successful I was.

Next image is from my sketchbook. I used to draw a lot of horses, like many young girls I was horse mad, and it was my dream to own my own horse. Because it was only a dream I learned to draw them using an old Drawing Instruction book which we had around the house. I actually still have it, it has lost its cover, and looks very much the worse for wear but it is actually quite a good book. Poor thing is almost as old as I am, the publishers date on the inside is for 1949, and I have no clue why or when it was purchased.  I am sure it wasn't a gift to me, going by the date I would have been only a toddler when it was purchased. It may have been given to my sister when she was interested in drawing, though it isn't a childrens book.  I will ask her if she remembers it and if she can recall where it came from, the answer might be interesting. Actually I think I need to sit down and read through it a bit more thoroughly. I am sure it has some tips that I might find useful. Though I don't usually find drawing books all that useful. I have come to believe that there is no magic wand for becoming an excellent drawer, only time spent drawing will do that.

Back to my latest drawing, the rider's head isn't quite right, but then I really didn't spend a lot of time drawing the rider, at least she looks like she is sitting on the horse so it could be worse. I also think that the leading foreleg isn't quite right, and I should have added more shadows to the sand or something to link the horse to the ground something that I forget to do occasionally in my drawings.

This drawing is from a photo of two horses being raced along a beach that I downloaded off of the internet. Not a terrible drawing but I can do better. I have been playing with some more ATC's and may post them later this week.

Comments per usual are welcome.