Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sept 13 Monday Night Drawing

I haven't been very pleased with the figure drawings I have been doing for the past couple of weeks so last night I took a slightly different tack. As you can see in the above image I only drew the head and shoulders of the model. I started sketching the entire pose, but my view of the pose wasn't the best, and I quickly decided that I didn't want to draw the entire figure. The model, while very pretty, is also amply proportioned, and my view only accentuated that, so I decided early on to draw only the head and shoulders. I supposed that I could have moved, but didn't feel like it. I must say that several of the paintings that others did from a different position were lovely, only my view seemed to be so awkward.

I am fairly satisfied with this weeks drawing, though the hand isn't quite right. My problem was while she held pose very well, the model kept changing the position of the hand that was against her face. It is a tricky position to hold so I don't blame her, but it did make it difficult/impossible for me to do a detailed drawing of her hand. I know what I have looks awkward, but I didn't want to erase and start over with it. I kept hoping that she would place her hand in a similar position but she never did. 

 My other drawing for today is from the sketchbook. I actually did this one earlier in the day, and it really is only a sketch, I am sure I spent less then an hour on it, hence the lack of details or shading. Still I rather like how it came out.

It is from a photograph of a woman offing that bunch of leaves for sale.

That is it for today. Per usual comments are welcome.