Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Figure Drawing and more EDM

Last nights figure drawing. I was fairly satisfied with it last night, but today is another story. Oh well, there is always next week. Actually next week should be interesting. Scott is off to school for 8 weeks so one of the models is going to run the Monday night sessions the same as last summer. Just occurred to me that I have now been attending these Monday night sessions for a year. I am not sure I am seeing much improvement lately, but I do know that I am faster with my drawings, and feel I have more confidence. No longer am I afraid to draw the human form, dressed or undressed. So I have to say the effort has been worth it.

The model last night while lovely in a pose with great lines was a bit difficult to draw, she was twitchy. She kept moving her hand or her foot or..., and tended to keep her eyes closed. So there are parts of this drawing that are unfinished or are my guesses, and I know I don't have the face quite right, which is why my satisfaction level has dropped with this drawing.

Below are my more of the Every Day in May challenge drawings.

Drawing 128 was to show an interior of a room through a doorway from another room. The room is my bedroom from my kitchen. Done with graphite and fairly quickly as drawing rooms is not my favorite thing to do. For 129 we had to draw people doing something, I used the top left photograph below as reference and drew a man and his wife fishing. Well, he is fishing and she is sitting and enjoying the breeze and the view. The last drawing above, 130, is of school supplies. I dragged out a couple of notebooks left from the classes I was taking last year, added a pencil and eraser and did a quick sketch.

One more day to draw. I will post that one on the blog when I do the next update. In the meantime below are 4 photographs that I have made since the last blog update. Need I say that actually I have made over 100 photographs but am subjecting you to four. I try to be selective with the photos I show on the Bog as I know they can get boring.

The top left photo was made at the Cape Cod Canal last Friday. I drove down to the Cape on Friday and because of the traffic I stopped at the rest stop along the canal for a bit. I used this photograph for the EDM challenge drawing and also feel it gives you a good idea of what the canal is like.

The photograph in the upper right was made on the Cape at the MA. Audubon Long Pasture Wildlife Sanctuary. It is a view of the Sandy Neck lighthouse across Barnstable Harbor.

The photograph just underneath of the Rhododendron was also made at Long Pasture.

The last photograph in the bottom left was made at Daniel Webster Wildlife Sanctuary yesterday afternoon. The building is a informational structure with a large window that looks out on a bird feeding station. Yesterday I saw a couple of wild turkeys, goldfinch and I think a Cardinal feeding. Further out  in the fields I could see and hear Bobolinks. The males were in their spring black and white plumage. Sorry no photographs of birds, I need a telephoto lens for that. The Canon is good but not that good. I have posted additional photographs from each location to my Facebook fan page and to my flickr account for anyone interested.

That is it for today. Hope everyone here in the States had a good Memorial day weekend. Per usual comments and questions are welcome.