Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tulips, photos, and drawings

Above is the finished Mothers Day Tulips drawing/painting. I finished the watercolor on this yesterday, after several days of hesitation on my part. Thinking about what I want to do, getting up the nerve, not sure why I sometimes delay finishing these drawings. Still whatever the reason it is now done and I have to admit I am quite pleased with this one. The scanner has made the reds more pink but otherwise colors are fairly accurate. Getting the colors just the way I wanted them took hours, and I don't see how I could have spent less time on the painting. When I have an underlying pen and ink drawing color has to be carefully applied so I can't use a really large brush with gesture. Maybe someday I will try that, though while I think I am improving my watercolor techniques not sure I am ready for that step.


I mentioned my latest drawing project last Friday and posted a couple of images. So far so good, meaning I have been keeping up with the drawings. I still have to do today's but thought I would post a composite image of the last 4 days. If you want to see the drawings by themselves and also see what the others in the group are doing feel free to visit the flickr group that has all the postings. 

Above is my figure drawing from last nights session. I rather like it, except I should have placed it on the paper 2 inches to the right. When I realized I had the placement wrong I was at a point where I didn't want to start over so decided that if I had to cut off a foot so be it. Otherwise it was a good evening, and in a way a funny one. Usually most of the artists who attend these sessions are male, but last night there were 3 other women besides me, and only 2 other men, so of the 7 of us there there were 4 women and 3 men, not counting the model. Who know why, and things can flip again next week so that we go back to the more usual group of more men then women. 

Last group of images for today are from a photo session last Friday afternoon. Good thing I went then because the weather has been mostly cloudy/rainy since and I haven't been out making any new photographs. 

All three of the above photos were taken in Massasoit State Park in East Taunton, MA, and all show signs of our advancing spring. This was my first visit to the park, and it took me a bit of wandering around lost before I finally found the entrance. There are some signs but they (per usual in New England) are only slightly helpful. However, it was worth the wasted gas to finally find the park, and now that I semi know where it is, hope to go back.

Enough for today. Per usual comments or questions are welcome.