Friday, June 10, 2011

June 10, painting and photos

I don't have a lot of finished artwork today, in fact I only have the above pen and ink watercolor painting. I call this Visiting. It is another of my fantasy landscapes. Sort of a zentangle, but not really, I did a lot of light pencil sketching prior to inking some of the features in the drawing, like the flying owl and the mouse. I am getting better with my drawings of animals, but I am still not comfortable drawing directly with a pen.

I used frisket to mask items so I could use a large brush to paint the sky color. That color turned out a bit darker then I thought I intended, but I rather like it. After all owls fly at dusk or night so the darker sky is a bit more appropriate.

The flowers are from my imagination, with little relationship to any real flowers I have seen. As for the story behind the images, I will let you make up your own. I am not sure what I was thinking, I didn't set out to draw the owl, but somehow he just seemed to belong in the picture. Maybe I just have owls on the brain, I have been re-reading one of the Harry Potter books this week and that may have been a factor.

Since I only have the one image to show you might think that I haven't been working on much art. Not quite true, but the other drawing I have been working on, a colored pencil flower is taking longer then I expected. Hopefully I will manage to finish it over the weekend so I can show it off next week.

So instead of more art I am posting a couple of photographs that were part of the group I made last Monday afternoon.

Above is another of my butterfly photographs.  This guy isn't very big, (maybe an inch and 1/2 across the wings) and I haven't taken the time to try and identify him. I expect it is a variety of Skipper, but am not sure. It is smaller then the white cabbage butterfly I photographed earlier in May. If you can identify it please leave me a comment.

With the coming of June and warmer weather out come the boats. The above photograph was made at Scituate Harbor. These are the smaller cousins of the much larger cabin cruisers and working fishing boats that make their home in the harbor. I just like the colors, blue water and sky with the red and yellow boats and the green marsh in the background. The man and dog just add interest.

That is it for today, but I though I would share another of the blogs I have come across in my web investigations. This is the Blog of Ann Buckner, and no I don't know her. In fact at this point I am not sure how I got to her blog, flowing links from another blog, but that is about all I can tell you. She draws and paints with watercolors, and lately has been into exploring her craft with various studies.