Sunday, June 26, 2011

June Sketchbook Challenge Dwg and other stuff

Above is the pen and ink stage of my latest drawing, a goose being followed by some young goslings. A composite drawing from a reference photo (the bridge) and a couple of my photographs of geese. I am planning on painting it, I am just in the vegging state I sometimes get into with these works. I think I am deciding on colors, but it isn't totally a conscious process so it may just be nerves coming into play. Not sure I will do any masking prior to starting this painting, the larger background areas such as the pond don't need to have a solid color applied, in fact visible brush strokes are something I will be going for.

The path is another large area to be painted but again here I will be using various colors so I don't think I need to mask the goose or the goslings, though I may mask the goslings to just make sure I don't over paint them with a wrong color.

Below is a pencil drawing I have been working on for the Sketchbook Challenge theme for June.

The theme for June is Pathways. The image above is drawn from a photograph I made this spring at the MA. Audubon Daniel Webster site. It is of a boardwalk moving through a small grove of trees. The sun was coming through the leaves creating patterns of light and dark. I am not sure if I am totally done with this. I think I need to let it sit a few days and then compare it again with the photograph. Drawing woods is not as easy as you might think, but hopefully I have pulled it off here.

Below is a composite image of four photographs I made yesterday at Massasoit State Park.  After several days of clouds and rain the sun finally came out yesterday afternoon and I was able to enjoy some time with the camera. More photos from this outing will be posted on my Facebook Fan Page.

Upper left photo is of some Black Eyed Susan's with Daisy Flea Bane. The upper right photo is of a bumble bee on some Purple Vetch (or it might be Cow Vetch). Note that orange packet of pollen she has collected. Probably from the Day lilies that were blooming not too far away. The lower left photo is a mushroom with some ferns, no clue what the mushroom is. The last photo on the lower right is Lake Rico, a view across the lake showing the blooming Pickerelweed.

However, I am wondering where are the butterflies? I have been photographing bees, dragonflies and other insects but I am seeing very few butterflies. Maybe it is still a bit early for them, or perhaps the bug spraying from last year has hurt their numbers. I have yet to see a monarch butterfly, and even the cabbage butterflies seem a bit scarce. Ah well, not much I can do about it, but I did want to comment. Enough for today. Per usual comments are appreciated.