Friday, February 10, 2012

ATC's and a Nature Journal Spread

Not a lot of work to show today. A couple of ATC's that I just finished. Since about this time last year I haven't been in the mood to make any of these small works of art. I did cut several cards in December and actually took them with me to Chicago, but never seemed to get around to working with them.

I am working on a couple of larger projects that are going to take time to finish and felt the need for a break so these are the results.

Top card is Tansy drawn and painted with pen and ink and watercolor from a photo I made last summer. Yellows for some reason don't always scan correctly, so that darker yellow in the image above doesn't look as dark in real life. The rest of the colors are good. Done on a fine surface 140wt cold press water color paper.

The image above is a mask. This drawing was done based on a doodle I made in my sketchbook. Mostly ink work with an overlay of colored pencil. I wanted a range of colors and pencil was the easiest way to accomplish that, pure fantasy.  Not sure if the stock for this was hot press watercolor paper or Bristol board, but a smooth 140wt paper either way.

Next is the Journal spread from my Monday's visit to Daniel Webster.

Top image is of a Downy Woodpecker, male, feeding at the suet feeder. There wasn't much suet left, they really need to replace it for the nuthatches and woodpeckers, but he seemed to be finding something. You can tell it is a male from the red spot on the back of its head. Females don't have it, they are just black and white, I used colored pencil to add that spot of color. I love how they bend their tails and use it to brace themselves at the feeder.

Bottom image is the dead tree trunk in the man-made pond. Monday it was frozen in ice with some reeds/grass stems that had been blown up against it also frozen in the ice. Water level in the pond is quite high, so the trunk might even be almost floating - when there isn't any ice that is.

Photo above is from Daniel Webster and shows the Bridge over the river that flows through the property. In the summer the grasses in the bottom of the photo obstruct this view, but at this point in the winter they have been beaten down enough so I could see the bridge from this point on the path. The stand of trees behind the bridge are mostly red maples.

Though this has been a mild winter I am beginning to look forward to March with hopefully some signs of spring.

That is it for today. Per usual comments are welcome.